Where To Find The Best Cloud Mining Services

Bet Capital is a cryptocurrency cloud mining company that offers a broad range of services. Led by a team of mining enthusiasts with a combined experience of over 3 years, Bet Capital hopes to contribute to the development of mining services as a method of promoting Bitcoin adoption.

The company caters to a wide range of crypto miners. Bet Capital wants to make mining accessible to all users regardless of age, location, investment, technical expertise or experience. To meet this end, the company offers a low cost mining option with minimal risk and expense, meant to ease the cost of entry for newcomers.

The company offers cloud mining contracts for bitcoin, litecoin, other scrypt coins, and, just recently, Ether. Each contract offers users bitcoin withdrawals and a 2 year contract length. Customers can choose which mining pools they want to allocate their purchased power towards, ensuring that they can maximize their profits.

Bet Capital’s Ben Hortman says that his company’s services offer a great value to people who want to get into cryptocurrency mining but don’t want to spend time and money on expensive equipment and technical issues: “Today, any company can get into cryptocurrency mining — but it requires good technical knowledge and understanding of the process. In the past, amateurs mined Bitcoins using a couple of video cards, but now very powerful equipment is needed and so data centers are developed for this. For those who don’t want to invest in expensive equipment and go into complex technical details we offer the services of full service cloud mining.”

Bet Capital also believes that their services ultimately provide more opportunities and flexibility than purchasing  your own equipment. Ben Hortman thinks that “the advantages are pretty obvious: you are not limited by the capacity of a real miner; you get your rate immediately, without any need to wait for delivery.” Bet Capital assumes full responsibility for the maintenance of its equipment as well. “You don’t need to worry about servicing of equipment and replacement of broken parts,” Hortman says, “all of it falls on the shoulders of our cloud mining service team.”

Bet Capital backs this sentiment up by offering its 2 year bitcoin, scrypt and ethereum mining contracts with no maintenance fees. Hortman believes that these kinds of advantages are what makes “the future belong to the cloud.”

The cloud mining provider says that innovation is their most important goal. “Today, our highest priority is to improve the current functionality to ensure the smooth operation of each project,” Hortman explains. “We also constantly improve protection and security functions.” In pursuit of innovation, Bet Capital is currently working to add new features such as “balance replenishment” and withdrawals in other cryptocurrencies.

For today’s determined investor, who wants to take advantage of every scrap of technology and expertise that will add to their financial portfolio, the cloud mining of cryptocurrency is becoming a vital ingredient. Bet Capital is the place to go for worry free and efficiently cost effective opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.