Using Social Media Analytics To Improve Your Social Media Presence

Social Media has become one of the biggest tools to be able to connect with people from all over the world. It has given rise to new avenues and has given several companies the ease of promotion and the ability to reach a wider set of customers. The number of social media sites that are becoming more prominent is growing, which is why being up to date is incredibly important for any kind of company.

A lot of times, understanding the trends that are making their way onto social media and also the customer reaction to brands is incredibly important. For those who really want to make an impression, using the wide number of tools that can supplement social media is one of the best ways to be able to have maximum impact. The number of free and paid tools that are available in plenty, which is why companies and individuals can always have something that they can make use of when it comes to this.

If you are thinking of improving your social media presence, incorporating different tools is incredibly important. Here are some of the more well known social media tools that are being used by professionals.

In Built Tools

Inbuilt tools are some of the most commonly used kind of social media tools because of the ease at which one can use them. This kind of tools is already installed onto the sites that one uses and are already storing the information that one would need. These tools are incredibly efficient and provide a good base level understanding of what is happening on the social media page. All prominent social media sites have their own analytical tools that can help their users understand the information about them. However, these are not always enough to be able to provide you with information that can boost your online presence. Facebook analytics, Twitter analytics, Instagram analytics, Youtube analytics are some of the prominent tools that you should be using.

Free Tools

Because of how prominent social media has become, the number of tools that enable proper usage has grown extensively over the past few years. There are plenty of free tools that can provide their users with information that helps them understand their online presence and what they could do to improve it. Trendy, for example, is one tool that can help you figure out what are the trending conversations across social media sites, and topics that are currently prominent. Buffer is another tool that can be used to schedule posts across social media pages days before they actually need to air. Followerwonk is a tool that can help you filter individuals through specific keywords, which can be incredibly useful when trying to find potential audiences.

Paid Tools

While the number of free tools is plenty, they might not always suffice when it comes to the features that one may need. Paid analytics tools are probably the best to be able to discern properly the social media presence that one has and also to figure out the best course of action that one should take to improve their presence. NetBase, in particular, is one social media analytics tool that can be used to denote the proper social media usage of a person and can help pages improve their overall visibility. The tool was designed in a manner that focuses on the consumer sentiment and provides information that revolves around that premise. This platform is currently being used by some of the biggest companies who want to make use of social media in a positive manner and want to benefit from what it has to offer.