Tips for Writing Tweets in 2021

Despite not enjoying the status of being the world’s most popular social network, because that would be Facebook, Twitter is often described as the most influential social media platform. There is something about Twitter that makes it irresistible to news media outlets, and this is enough to make it the social network that you should pay attention to in 2021.

When you break Twitter down to its base statistics, it does not seem as grandiose as Facebook. As of early 2021, there were about 330 monthly active Twitter users, and at least 40% of them were very active on a daily basis. On any given day, nearly a billion tweets can be generated, and each of these short social media updates can result in new conversations. To really appreciate Twitter, you really have to consider that this was the preferred social network of former United States President Donald Trump, or at least it was until he got kicked out prior to leaving the White House. The sheer engagement, visibility, and quotable potential of every tweet is what makes Twitter a great opportunity to develop your personal brand.

Another advantage of Twitter is related to its excellent track record as a platform where users are plugged into brands they are really interested in following. On average, Twitter users will follow six brands, and they will do so more closely when compared to other networks. Approximately 60% of Twitter users who follow brands will make a purchase within the year; moreover, more than 80% will keep these brands in mind when they need products or services.

With all the above in mind, let’s review a few recommendations about how you should express yourself on Twitter in 2021:

Adopt the Right Tone and Voice

The voice of your brand should be uniform and unchanging on Twitter; the tone, however, should conform to each situation. Here is an example of tweets from a philanthropist who exercises proper tone on each update.

Visual Language Matters

As internet users, we are increasingly becoming visual communicators, and this can be clearly observed when scrolling through Twitter conversations. Whenever you can attach an image to make your point stick, feel free to do so. If your brand voice is supposed to be conversational, inserting emoji in your tweets would be adequate, especially if you think it will enable you to get a point across.

Find the Sweet Spot for Tweet Length

In 2021, you will still have 280 characters to play with when composing tweets, but researchers have found that many Twitter users prefer to stick to the old length of 140 characters. If you are a prolific Twitter user who posts new updates several times a day, you are better off staying closer to 100 characters. Longer tweets are more appropriate when you do not post as often.

Promote and Reward Twitter Followers

Some small business owners do not bother with other social networks because they have found Twitter followers to be more responsive to promotions. If you run an e-commerce store, for example, you will want to post special discounts for your Twitter followers, but make sure it is only available to them in order to underscore your appreciation.