The Top Reasons to Visit the Croatian Islands on Your Next Trip

Croatia used to be a well-kept secret as far as destinations go but the country has erupted in popularity over the last few years. Whether you are visiting beautiful orange roofed cities or Croatian islands, there is something for every traveler in this beautiful country. The coast with the Croatian islands are a highlight to many as they have some of the most beautiful waters and people (women especially) there.

The sailing waters could not be more beautiful with hundreds of Croatian islands and beaches to visit. Many of the best beaches of the country are difficult to get to so docking up or throwing anchor might be necessary. The waters are more clear than most people get to see during their lifetime in person as well which can calm those that might be a bit scared to be on the water.

The Kornati Islands are recommended for visitors that might be seeing Croatia for the first time. Sailing in the park comes with a fee but a great captain can be worth their weight in gold as you can take in some local culture with seasonal restaurants that are open on the islands.

The final reason to visit Croatian islands and Croatia in general is that it is still extremely affordable despite its recent popularity. Take time this summer and book a trip on the Adriatic in Croatia.