Make Any Occasion a Hit with Lactose Friendly Dairy Free Desserts

Throwing any type of party whether it is a dessert party or dinner party it is important to make everyone feel included. A large portion of the population is lactose intolerant to a slight or major degree. Dairy free desserts can be a great option for those hosting as it makes sure everyone can enjoy themselves without issue in a few hours. The following are a few options for the occasion.

Fruit juice popsicles can be served as a healthy alternative to generic popsicles that tend to have copious amounts of processed sugars. Freezing pieces of fruit in the juice can add another great flavor into the mix.

Milkshakes can be a great dessert as they do not have to contain milk from a cow. Using coconut milk can be a great alternative to any type of shake whether you want fruit with peanut butter or cocoa powder can really taste delicious.

Making a fruit crisp can be done without dairy and is a favorite among people that also like to eat vegan. Picking your favorite fruit is imperative as apple crisp can be a hit at any party as people all over the country eat this dish.

As you can see there are no limit to how many desserts can be made without dairy. At your next gathering make sure to keep the lactose intolerant attendees in mind!