Tales of Xillia

The Tales Series has been one of the most popular RPG games out their since the early days of video games. In fact, Tales is one of the “Big Three” well known Japanese Rpg’s in Japan. We all know that Final Fantasy is a huge franchise in Japan as well as in the US. Tales has been deemed to be popular in both countries as well but Japan being the main focus. Despite this, western fans of the series signed petitions, so that other Tales games will be available in the West. One such game is Tales of Xillia. Released in 2011 in Japan it became a huge success and now it’s released in the West last August 2013, 2 years after its original release. Western gamers were so excited for the game and it is safe to say that it didn’t disappoint them.

I played the game as well and it’s a pretty good Jrpg, as expected of a Tales game. It may be not the best in the Tales series but it really did a good job in making it a great Jrpg. Japanese RPG has been quite disappointing nowadays, especially in the Final Fantasy series for the PS3. Fortunately, the Tales series is rejuvenating this once tower of a genre. Japanese Rpg’s were the one’s dominating in the 90’s and early 2000’s but after that, it seems that it’s turning a hundred eighty. So, it is quite refreshing seeing atleast one franchise doing it right this time and making the genre get back at its feet.

Tales of Xillia is a fun game regardless, you’ll love this game especially if you’re a fan of Japanese RPG’s. There are a lot of people who love the Tales series and it’s evident because a lot of copies were sold in the west as well. Tales of Xillia tells a grand story and you’ll also be able to choose between two of the protagonist of the game. You can choose Jude Mathias or Milla Maxwell, this gives the game good replay value. If you’re finished with the Jude storyline then you can play Milla’s story.

Playing Tales of Xillia sure is fun, and that’s what’s important. Enjoying a game that’s crafted in a beautiful world is indeed fun and engaging. You’ll visit towns and big cities. You’ll learn new cultures as you venture throughout the land. The combat system for the game is the main reason why Tales of Xillia shines. You’ll be able to learn Artes and you can chain them, it’s absolutely fun. Those things I mentioned are just the tip of the ice burg. If you want to dig deep the combat in the game, then go play it because it’s really that fun. Tales of Xillia is a worthy title and you’ll be playing this for a long time. Clocking at a minimum of 40 hours, you’ll definitely spend a lot of time with this game.

Japanese RPG’s are always welcome in the west as long as it’s not half baked or the gameplay is too linear. Overall, Tales of Xillia won’t disappoint. Like I said it’s not the best in the series but it’s a great Jrpg game. You guys should try it out. There are a lot of people who are fans of the series and I’m sure they are loving every second of it. This proves that the Tales series still haven’t lost its touch. Playing the game is worthwhile and worth your money.

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