Novel Covid-19, What is Going on Now?

During all of the uncertainty going on in the world, a quick recap of recent news over the pandemic is deemed necessary. Cory Harow, a doctor, is entrusting medical professionals to come up with a cure. The info given in the news or on social media can sometimes be overwhelming. The best info and protocols to follow through this pandemic come from medical databases or other sources like the CDC where the public safety is the main interest. Most news reports or media outlets seem to run off of a fear tactic that try to instill fear in the public. Although it is a frightening time, one should not be given news with such a negative cognitive because it is causing the public to go into survival mode instead of just taking the right precautions and staying at home. This world wide pandemic has seemingly increased as the winter season begins to roll in. With it, there have came a few new laws and regulations that have recently gone into effect in an attempt to stop the COVID curve. A curfew has been in effect for regions that are in purple tier for about a week now. This curfew only allows essential workers to be out between 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Another regulation targets travelers, it is now suggested that one quarantines for fourteen days at the trip destination before flying back. Even then one will need to quarantine another fourteen days to make sure there was no contamination during the trip or on the flight. The next step to insure that there are less cases is a modified lockdown. Intensive care unit centers have gotten incredibly saturated and only have a seventeen percent availability rate. If this number drops down to only fifteen percent available, the lockdown will go into full effect for three weeks. This means that any establishment not seen as essential will need to shut down with the exception of grocery stores. For the publics’ safety, any sort of social gathering is prohibited regardless of the amount of people. The lockdown is projected to start in the coming week seeing that patients have been falling ill after the Thanksgiving holiday. Amidst all this uncertainty, there has been talk of a second stimulus relief check which will aide a lot more people this time around, but the distribution date is still to be debated. With an upcoming lockdown, a stimulus check or even unemployment checks will be needed once again. An upside to this unfortunate virus is that a vaccine has finally submerged and has had positive results in combat with COVID-19. They will be targeting patients in the ICU centers with the new vaccine before it is actually made available for the public.It is, however, unsure when they will start administering this vaccine. The best the nation can do is to take precaution and stay safe. According to Cory Harow taking measures like staying home, wearing a mask, and washing hands seems like common sense but it will be the difference between self safety and that of others from ending in the ICU.            

Dolphin Tale Review

Based on a true story, Dolphin Tale is a 2011 family drama film and is directed by Charles Martin Smith. The movie is great and it’s really a movie for the whole family. It is also fun and at the same time very emotional. The movie emphasizes the value of family and the importance of it. Helping the disabled is also one of the messages of the movie, as well as helping animals in need. Compassion and being helpful to one another are the values shown in this movie as well. The story is good surprisingly speaking. Basically, Sawyer finds a stranded dolphin and with a help of an older person, they called the marine rescuers and they were able to save the young dolphin. The rescuers were able to save the dolphin but the infection in the tail is sever, so they need to amputate it. They named the dolphin, Winter. Winter is in rehabilitation, but seems too weak or “depressed”, so she doesn’t eat well. Sawyer, came to visit the Marine Shelter secretly, until being discovered by the Doctor’s daughter. Too make a long story short, Sawyer was able to help treat Winter even though he’s not a member of the animal care group, because Winter responds to Sawyer well. The Doctor noticed that and so the story goes on. I won’t spoil anything from here on, if you want more information, watch the movie.


The movie is indeed fun, and you’ll experience a cleverly told story. It may even surprise you. A lot of people didn’t expect much from this movie, but in the end they were able to have fun and immerse themselves with the story. Plus, Morgan Freeman is in this movie as well, now we all know if Morgan Freeman is in a movie, even though the movie may not be as good as it is, Morgan Freeman’s presence makes it a little worth the time, but that’s not to say that this movie is not good at all. In fact, the movie will entertain you from start to end. It’s a family movie, so expect some cheesy lines too.

The music is great as well. The end part song “Safe” by Westlife, fits the bill. The overall score by Mark Isham adds a nice touch to the movie too. If you love dolphins, or any marine animal, then you’ll love this move. You’ll also enjoy the “warm” feel of this movie, and like I said, this teaches us important values in life. Having a movie explain the value of family is indeed very welcome, and this shows a good example to younger viewers as well. If you haven’t watched this movie, I suggest you do, and watch it with your family. It’s definitely time worth spent.