The Value of Family Traditions

Shalom Lamm is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been in the business world for over three decades. He is currently the CEO of the nonprofit organization Operation Benjamin . His family traditions are very important to him and he shares them here with us. He was raised Jewish and celebrates all festivals, such as Passover or Hanukkah, which are also traditional holidays throughout the year.

Besides being a successful entrepreneur, he is also a philanthropist. He was born to a family that practiced The grand traditions of celebrating Passover or Hanukkah as well as other traditions like lighting candles on Friday nights to commemorate Shabbat (a sacred day) became very sentimental and precious to him. He lights candles on Friday nights to commemorate Shabbat. He’s a very religious man and he has strong family values. He celebrates all of the holidays that come with being part of this faith. The traditions he shares with his family are something that should be shared with everyone because they’re so special!

Mr. Lamm has shared some family traditions that are very sentimental and precious, such as taking walks in nature together every Sunday morning before breakfast while listening to music from Israel – his homeland-or reading books about Jews who have made great contributions to humanity throughout history. The memories created through these simple yet meaningful activities last long after they’re over because they were done intentionally and consciously by him. He makes every effort to keep the traditions alive since he knows they will have a long-lasting and unforgettable influence on his family’s life. Every family has its own set of traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. The holidays are the perfect time for reflection and reminiscing about all those precious moments with loved ones. The story of the Hanukkah family traditions is a reminder to all that it takes time and effort for children to remember something, but when they do-it becomes unforgettable. Lamm believes that familys from every aspect of life will enjoy the sentimental value of traditions. It brings people closer together and creates unforgettable memories. In addition, it helps build quality and long lasting relationships with the people you share them with. Shalom Lamm strongly encourages people who do not already celebrate family traditions to do so if they can because it really is an amazing part of life and family. 

In conclusion, there are many reasons why traditions can be important to families, such as they are to Shalom Lamm. First and foremost they provide a sense of belonging which is so essential in the development of a child’s identity. Secondly, it provides a means for family members to bond with one another through shared memories. Also, having these rituals helps us feel grounded when our lives may otherwise seem out-of-control or chaotic. Lastly, traditions give us something that we look forward to all year long because they’re always happening during specific times each year–they help make life more valuable and predictable!

The Impact Traditions Can Have

The history of the human species makes it very easy to see that traditions are very culturally appropriated and continue through generations. Traditions can vary between food preparations, prayers, clothing, and even dances. The many beautiful ways different cultures build traditions is why Shalom Lamm, a historian, enjoys reading about them.

We all have our own family traditions that impact us in one way or another. Changing locations for a Thanksgiving Dinner is untraditional to some and can lead to debacles between family members. By someone breaking a marriage tradition, family’s could be torn apart or even separated. There are so many impacts traditions have on our day to day lives.Most traditions affect us in positive ways. Celebrating holidays like Hanukkah or Christmas give families so much joy. Traditions give us opportunities to grow family relations and even create new ones. By transitioning and teaching younger member about different practices, they will continue developing traditions as they grows older. Shalom Lamm highly recommends that following traditions rooted deep in one’s own personal heritage. So much can be uncovered by doing research into traditional practices.