Educators Teaching Finance in Elementary School

Although many educators believe that teaching students the importance of finance is too much for them to handle, some disagree. When children are developing, their brains are basically equivalent to sponges. Learning different languages is easy for them. So why not teach them to finance too? Ken Kurson is a financial professional who has written thousands of articles about his knowledge in media and on the economy. He has taught many young professionals how to be financially stable. Why not kids too?

Of course, children aren’t going to pick up financial literacy overnight, but having a seminar once a week or even once a month can help them be more financially independent as they grow older. This allows them to gain a higher knowledge of concepts that usually aren’t taught until college.  If children develop these skills in elementary schools maybe the economy would be better equipped. When the financially literate students are placed into the real world, they will make better financial decisions. Thus, leading to a healthier economy and even government. It may seem like a dream come true but it can be a reality. Ken Kurson doubts that this will ever happen because children have enough to worry about as it is. There may be lots of controversy on the subject, but it’s worth the debate.

Presentation Skills Training For Successful Business Leaders

If you want to be a successful business leader, then yo u are going to need to dedicate yourself to developing many skills. Things such as raising capitol, managing your finances , and presentation skills are all abilities that you must become proficient in. Unfortunately, many young entrepreneurs are ill-prepared when it comes to giving presentations. Because of this, their venture struggles because they are unable to deliver a speech that helps them with investors or at the major conferences.

Imagine this…A successful looking entrepreneur strides confidently into a conference room, sets up a tri-fold display and a flip chart, boots up his laptop and checks to be sure the projector equipment in the room works with his laptop’s software. He watches confidently as people begin to enter the room because he is positive he has a fantastic looking presentation and he is more than prepared to give it.

Another entrepreneur rushes into a conference room at the last minute and fumbles to set up his presentation in front of an impatient audience. His props look more like a grade school project than business materials and, after twenty minutes of struggling with the projector equipment, he finally makes a halting start on his presentation. 

Obviously, even if his ideas weren’t as good, the first entrepreneur made a much better impression on his audience. However, all is not lost. Presentation skills training can help the second entrepreneur give better presentations in the future. According to the Coaching Institute, when business owners invest in coaching and training, they are more likely to succeed than those who do not.

Presentation Skills for Nervous Speakers

Some small business owners can make amazing charts and put together fantastic PowerPoint presentations. No matter how much they practice their presentations, though, these business owners are not confident public speakers and don’t have the skills they need to get their ideas across to their audiences. For these people, public speaking skills training could make a big difference.

Public speaking classes are available at community colleges, universities and business schools worldwide. According to the professional public speaking website Keynote Speaker, a business person looking for public speaking classes that will help improve his or her presentation skills should look for classes through a business school or a seminar geared toward business people. 

However, if no business classes are available locally, he or she will still be about to learn general public speaking skills in classes geared toward college students who aren’t going into the business field.

Visual Presentation Skills Training

Even the smoothest speaker needs a few props to get his or her point across. If someone who works in a big corporation lacks the skills to put together a wonderful presentation, he or she can just pass the job on to someone else.

Unfortunately, since most small businesses have a handful of employees, if any, this isn’t always an option for many entrepreneurs. This means that knowing how to make their own visual presentations is essential. Besides the traditional colleges and seminars, busy business owners can try taking online training or can contact their local public library to see if classes on using presentation software are available.

Once entrepreneurs who decide that they need to brush up on their presentation skills begin to look for help, there are many training options. They can find the help they need on local college and university campuses, through business schools and seminars, or even on DVDs.