Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a long time, and every industry relies on it. But what are the cons of this marketing tactic? What should businesses be wary of before implementing email marketing as part of their business plan? The following blog post will cover the pros and cons of email marketing so that companies might make an informed decision about the process of setting up goals.

The Pros and Cons Involved with Email Marketing

According to the email marketing company GetResponse, 92% of people have made a decision based on an email, and businesses are striving to contact potential customers and clients through this mechanism. As a result, many online businesses send out mass emails and hope for the best. But what are the consequences of this type of marketing? How effective is it? Are you investing your time and money wisely? When companies consider implementing an email marketing program into their business plan, many questions surface. Still, some general pros and cons will help us make an informed decision about whether email marketing suits our company.

On the one hand, any marketing that is free or inexpensive to implement has a positive connotation. Businesses feel pressure to create and send out emails is not there. It is the reason why email marketing has been around for so long and will most likely continue to be popular.

According to marketing company Marketo, businesses are willing to invest their money into email marketing to reach customers and make them aware of new products and services available through their company. Email marketing can be a very effective tool if done right.

On the other hand, email marketing can also have a negative connotation. Many people do not like getting emails, especially those that are promotional. The concern over advertisers sometimes not respecting recipients’ data privacy is also severe. Jordan Sudberg elaborates on the negative connotation of email marketing, saying that companies should be wary of how the public perceives their email marketing and how this might affect their business.

According to Sudberg, email marketing is good as long as it is done correctly. Jordan talks about emails disguised correctly and offering a legitimate way for people to get information regarding a company or product.

Jordan also makes an interesting point about cost-free marketing vs. paid advertising, saying that price does not matter as much when paying for email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is a great tool that can be implemented if done correctly. Companies should evaluate their goals and how they will use email marketing regarding unsubscribing. There is no need to invest too much money in email marketing programs because some people are not interested in receiving this type of advertising.

In conclusion, Jordan Sudberg believes that whether you currently use email marketing or plan on using it as a means of reaching out to customers and clients, one should consider the pros and cons involved with all types of methods before making a final decision about your company’s next step. These pros and cons can help you determine whether or not a business will benefit from implementing email marketing into its business plan.

Benefits of Mass Email Marketing


Email marketing has been in the use by most businesses that are of varying sizes, all over the globe. This is a method for marketing that entails having services and products advertised through emails, which are much more flexible, cost-effective and generally faster. Email marketing is quite efficient mostly because it allows for the creation of targeted messages that are personalized. This is able to help in the creation of better relations that are more meaningful, with the customers. Additionally, the response rates of direct marketing campaigns can be improved in the long run. Because of the great efficiency that comes with email marketing, it is able to offer quite a number of benefits. This is exactly why Alexander Djerassi is of the idea that understanding these benefits will go a long way in making things more efficient for many organizations through email marketing.

Benefits of Mass Email Marketing

The following are some of the top advantages of having the mass email marketing:

1.Amazing Returns of Investments

The number one goal for most people in the business world is often in order to have great results. Because of this, there are many businesses that are venturing more and more into email marketing because of the great returns on investments that it comes with. From the results and experience of most companies that have put this method to use, email marketing is by far the best form of marketing channel that can be used for any business. This is because the returns of whatever investments will be pumped in will get doubled a hundred fold.

2.Ease in Sharing

With mass email marketing, there are quite a number of subscribers who have numerous offers and deals, sent to their friends, only using the click of a button. There are not many other types of advertisement and marketing that can be done using such great ease. With this therefore, many subscribers are able to have most of the business ideas of a company introduced to a whole new market. This is how more and more brands are able to use this tactic for gaining a large following on the online fronts.

3.Impact That is Quite Instant

Email has an immediacy that is quite fast. Many people are for instance, able to start getting possible results, within the very first minutes of an email being sent. Things that are in need of immediate action, for instance a 24-hour sale; can be done using an email system. This is mostly because mass email marketing often allows for a sense of urgency in convincing the subscribers to be able to have immediate action. This therefore goes a long way in helping to curb the need for businesses having to wait for such a long time to be able to experience results. For instance, if an advertisement was made through broadcast campaigns or print for example, it often takes quite a while to be able to know how many will be reached. However, with the email marketing, the reach out will be rather too instant. This is exactly why Alexander Djerassi feels that it is important for people to understand this particular benefit of mass email marketing.