Staying Motivated

Motivation is very important and what makes things happen. When people are motivated, they go beyond what they thought was impossible. If there is one area that people would love to change in their lives, it is staying motivated. So, what exactly is motivation?

Motivation is the inner drive to achieve goals and certain aspirations in life. It is usually influenced by gains, personal expectations and how much one wants to achieve the set goals.

Shalom Lamm strongly believes motivation is what keeps professionals going in their jobs. He believes professionals can keep working even when they are not feeling. This is the case during stressful times at work. 

Define Goals, Not Chores

Setting goals is one of the most important ways to stay and be motivated at what you’re doing. You will find the extra energy and drive to get going until you achieve your goals. Most salespersons close more deals and make huge sales when they reach their goals. The same goes for fitness goals. Without goals, you will give up on gym workouts before you achieve your goals. Goals give people direction, purpose, and focus. Choose goals that are achievable, measurable, and have a clear way to achieve them.

Focus on Enjoyable Work Elements

When people choose enjoyable goals like taking a yoga class, they are more likely to achieve them. However, this does not happen when people set goals that pass them through pain to achieve. For example, people with goals to work long hours are less likely to forge through the entire period. According to Shalom Lamm, motivation can keep professionals working and forging ahead even during the most stressful moments in their lives.

However, when people focus on the positive and enjoyable elements of their goals, they are bound to stay motivated. In a work situation, think of the satisfaction that comes with getting a certain task accomplished. This can be making a sale or closing down an important deal.

Make Your Goals Public

Telling people your goals or writing them down is equivalent to making a promise. This will get you motivated as you need to prove a point.

Plot your Progress

Have a plan on how you intend to achieve your goals and create a way to show the progress. People tend to stay motivated when they see important milestones on their goals. If your goal is to save a certain amount of money, stay focused and show yourself the amount already saved. This can motivate you further to accomplish your goals.

Harness the Influence of Others

We are social beings and easily influenced by things happening around us. Take a look around and see what others in the same field are doing. Who is the top employee in your company? Aspire to reach the employee’s levels or more. However, be sure to harness the influence of the right persons. You can talk to them and see how they achieved their goals. This can help you stay motivated.

These are just a few tips on how to stay motivated. Always have a plan, stay positive and look at the big picture. If others before you have done it, you too can do it.