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X-Reality Pro Technology

Enter a new world with Sony’s new X-Reality Pro Technology. Watch your HDTV with full color vibrancy. X-Reality pro adds an extra  dimension of image clarity to everything you watch. The weakest signals are naturally enhanced for more enjoyable viewing. You’ll instantly see the difference with faces and skin tone. The hairs and even follicles are very noticeable. Freckles and other facial details are ever so improved and enhanced that you’ll really notice the difference. Sony is well known for making high quality HDTV’s so this new technology is expected.

Cut out blur and fuzz with X-Reality PRO

“Warmer sunsets, brighter eyes, more thrilling action – X-Reality PRO takes anything from regular TV to web videos and brings it closer to Full HD picture quality. It’s an instant upgrade to whatever you watch. Wherever possible, X-Reality PRO takes low-resolution images and enhances them to create a high-resolution picture. You’ll see a big difference in 3D movies: the movement just flows, for smooth and comfortable viewing.”


There’s no blur, just crisp, lifelike images. See more distinct reds and yellows in a sunset shot. X-Reality PRO improves texture and detail by reducing noise and image interference – there’s no overlapping of colours. Haziness and random dots that can sometimes appear in low-light scenes will vanish instantly. So nothing takes you out of the moment. Improvements are always welcome as technology progresses. X-reality pro takes us to another level and makes our living room a true high quality visual experience. The colors are really vibrant and you will certainly notice it.

Gaming in X-Reality Pro is a visual treat and it lets you experience pure quality images, hence games become more fun to play. Experience full immersion of your game as you play. Your eyes will surely notice all the difference. X-Reality Pro is indeed one of the best “engines” that Sony created for HDTV’s.  Nothing beats Sony’s color quality in their HDTV’s. This is the result of many years or even many decades of hard work and research. This new technology enhances the overall experience and is indeed welcome for people who love television as well as those who love watching movies and who play games. Sony is really stepping up a notch every year and their improvements are very outstanding.

X-Reality Pro technology is the way to go. If you want to experience lifelike images and vibrant vivid colors, then this won’t disappoint you. Quality is always important and indeed Sony did it again. There are a lot of people who want to have an HDTV that presents color as realistic as possible. Good thing, X-reality pro is able to do that just for you. The importance of viewing quality has never been so high. Whether you are watching movies, or playing games or even watching sports, then X-Reality Pro will certainly will give you the best experience your eyes can handle.

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