Sony is Developing 300GB Disc Storage Capacity

It seems that Sony isn’t satisfied with a 50gb disc storage. A normal Dual layered Blu Ray disc has a storage data of 50gb. Normally, triple A games have 15gb to 20gb as of today, so a 300gb disc storage clearly has a lot of “space” into it, but as we all know as technology advances each year, we will certainly need a higher disc storage. While it’s clear that Sony is developing this, it’s target is for professional use as of now. Sony also is working with Panasonic in developing this new technology. Having a large disc space is indeed helpful for those who are into video editing, data storage, photos and the like. Professionals with those mentioned will appreciate the extra space. Although there are one or two terabyte hard disks out there, a 300gb disc space will be helpful.

“So, how could this new technology appeal to gamers? Well, that’s not immediately clear. Sony could very well release the new discs under a Blu-ray moniker, or attempt to make the discs compatible with the PlayStation 4. Realistically, the discs would likely prove cost prohibitive and unnecessary for storing game data.” -IGN

Soon enough games will improve. With the Playstation 4 and Xbox one just around the corner, its lifespan will indeed experience new technology. So as technology progresses, so do games and once that happens we may need more data stored in the disc based games. Isn’t it exciting that as we go into the future, games would be able to be more realistically visualized. The power of the Playstation 4 is undeniable, so it’s safe to say that Sony will indeed make a 300gb disc based game that’s compatible with the Playstation 4. Overall, this is a great idea. Imagine all information and data restored on a 300gb disc. Even if information is stored with 100gb gives you superb quality, what more if it’s 300gb worth of data, now that’s pure quality.

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