Solar Powered Katabatic Tent

Ever heard of a solar powered tent? If not, then you will surely know something about it after reading this article. People looked to camping trips as a way to escape all of the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. A way to disconnect with everything, technology included. These days though, things have changed, and the solar powered Katabatic tent is a prime example of progress. A Solar Powered Katabatic Tent is a small triangular solar panel, called Goal Zero solar charger, which sits atop the tent, drawing in energy for powering devices.

Having a solare powered tent around can come in quite handy. You let the panel passively absorb light all day. The tent offers an outlet to plug in gadgets like iPhones, GPS units, and cameras. The panel is a monocrystalline type with output of 18 watts. Eddie Bauer built attachment points on the tent to connect the panel onto the top and keep it there no matter the wind or weather. Wires come from the panel inside the tent. There it’ll plug directly into the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 or the Yeti line of power packs. This is where the power is stored. You access it to charge phones, GPS units, and more from USB, a 12V port, and other interfaces on the power pack.

The tent, called the Power Katabatic, is a four-season build that’s 92 inches tall. It has 36 sq. feet of space inside and weighs about 8 pounds. The way we see it, your tent is just sitting there at your campsite all day. Why not put it to work, let it soak up some rays, and use it to power all of the cameras, boomboxes, and gps devices that make back country adventures that are enjoyable, and the best part is, you can be eco-friendly at the same time. So if you want a tent that’s worth your money, then better check this one out.

There are a lot of tents that are affordable but if you really want a tent that could make your life easier and more comfortable, then better try the solar powered kabtatic tent. For sure, your family will enjoy your outing. Having a great adventure with your loved ones is indeed very fun and exciting. There are a lot of people who don’t own solar powered tents and keep on complaining that they have to buy a lot of batteries, well, they don’t know that the solution to that is to purchase a Solar Powered Katabatic Tent.

If you’re looking for a wonderful outdoor winter experience equipped with top gear, then make the solar powered tent part of your daily adventures. Having a great adventure is always top priority, so if you have a budget, you really have to get a solar powered tent. It’s highly affordable so if you have the budget, it’s advisable that you should get one. Make yourself comfortable during your outings and experience a cozy sleep during the night. You won’t be complaining if you have this solar powered katabatic tent.

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  1. This is a really awesome development. I personally like to camp without technology but my friends often go for weeks in the backcountry where you need to make sure your GPS is charged.

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