Should Everyone Engage in Volunteerism?

As seen with the outcomes of things such as global warming or the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a call to offer some helping hands to those and areas that are currently in need. In many communities, there are different ways to offer someone’s time and efforts in order to make a difference, all by simply volunteering. Some people, such as Shalom Lamm, have dedicated themselves to giving back to those who need it, and encourage people to do the same.

Human Services Volunteering

People, within the last few years, have been feeling the heat from things such as the pandemic and other impactful structures or events. Giving back to less fortunate people is important, especially from those who have time and resources to give to those who don’t. Within human services volunteering, things such as working at food banks is something close to home that provides help to others. More local opportunities that push to help those in need include things such as soup kitchens, donating to food pantries, and donating things such as masks and other PPE in the time of the pandemic.

If there is a calling or a need, some organizations, people, and even companies are able to volunteer to provide bigger things to those who need them. A popular organization is Habitat for Humanity, bringing people to countries or areas in need in order to build homes. It is also common for some companies to do outreach and fundraising activities for charity. These things may take more time, as they either do an event or ongoing projects for a cause. But if someone has that expendable time, building homes, other things, such as schools and churches through engraved bricks as donations, or even traveling to teach, have more significant impacts that can be done as well.

Environmental Volunteering

Another side of volunteering is the opportunities offered to improve the environment. With the threat of things such as climate change and global warming, the environment is in more and more need for help every day. In this way, people are able to volunteer their time to improve their local environments and work against these threats.

Many local areas have volunteer opportunities such as allowing people to participate in communal gardening, planting trees, or even simply picking up and disposing of litter on the streets. More and more lately, it is becoming more popular to volunteer time to teach others about, as well as practice and sort, trash disposal, recycling, and composting, which will have a lasting impact on the environment.

Why Should Someone Volunteer?

Volunteering is a way to give back, especially if people have the time and resources to do so. The act of volunteering is not only something that provides benefits for those in need but can also make the volunteer feel as if they have done something good and made a change in the world.
The world is full of people in need, requiring attention of those who have time and resources to spare, calling people, such as Shalom Lamm to devote their time to giving back. Whether it is a human services volunteer opportunity, such as food pantries or building homes, or environmental volunteering, such as gardening and properly recycling, the attention of volunteering is going to make an amazing impact on everyone’s part.