Raffaele Riva Leads AUREA to Greater Achievements

In 2008, AUREA Multi-Family Office was founded under the leadership of Raffaele Riva. Since that time, Riva has grown the business into an international company with subsidiaries throughout the world. AUREA does business as Aurea Consulenti Associati SA and Aurea Gestioni Patrimoniali SA in Switzerland. In London, the company is known as BGB AUREA. Meanwhile, AUREA serves clients under the name of Milano Fiduciaria in Italy.

AUREA Becomes an International Leader in Finance

Today, AUREA helps clients through a range of international financial services. The company offers services such as asset management, audits, wealth management, private investments, trusts, estate planning, budget assistance, corporate restructuring, insurance and charitable contributions. Clients can also get help with club deals, extraordinary transactions, real estate, mergers, acquisitions and financial planning.

Raffaele Riva works with international financial experts to help high-profile clients achieve their financial goals. He began his career running startup companies. From 1997 to 2008, Riva sharpened his skills by founding startups and learning about international business logistics. Before long, he became the senior executive of a multinational conglomerate.

As a student, Riva graduated from Milan’s Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. After getting his degree in economics, he went on to become certified as a national public accountant. Then, he began a post-graduate program in 1997 at the Canton Ticinino Management Business School. Following this, he started another post-graduate program at Switzerland’s University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Riva is a dual citizen of Italy and Switzerland. Thanks to his education and citizenship, he is fluent in French, Italian and English. After starting AUREA, he became the board member of the organization’s subsidiaries in Europe, Central America, Canada, South Africa and South America. Because of his experience auditing and handling accounting operations for top corporations in the United Kingdom and Italy, Riva has developed an impressive reputation for navigating investments and wealth management.

When he started AUREA, Raffaele Riva wanted to help high-end investors and entrepreneurs make the best investment choices. With this goal in mind, Riva hired a team of employees so that he could work with specialists from around the world. Since that day, he has rallied an impressive team of asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, international tax specialists, international banks and mutual funds together.

Through his expert team, Riva is able to help client transactions and investments occur throughout the world. His organization provides exceptional products for private individuals and corporations. Whether someone is looking for traditional or alternative investments, Riva’s company is able to help.

AUREA Brings Together the World’s Most Discerning Clientele

Clients come to AUREA for many reasons. Some people are looking for wealth management experts, and other clients need help creating a real estate trust. Global conglomerates arrive at AUREA in search of corporate investment opportunities, tax assistance and auditing support.

When it comes to managing client accounts, AUREA uses a contemporary business model. This model helps AUREA give clients personalized services. Many of AUREA’s clients are in high-income brackets and have holdings across multiple regions. Unlike traditional firms, AUREA is able to provide customized services because of its status as a multi-family office. Rather than stick to traditional investments, AUREA personalizes one-of-a-kind strategies for each client’s personal goals and preferences.

Raffaele Riva is the chairman of the board at three of the organization’s subsidiaries. At the final subsidiary, he serves as the vice-chairman. Because of these roles, he is able to work personally with some of the firm’s elite clients. Clients love his attention to detail and international experience. Over the years, Riva and his firm have developed a remarkable reputation for handling complicated transactions across various national borders.

By constantly providing value for his clients, Riva has managed to build an international organization. The organization strives to bring in the world’s foremost experts on taxes, financial planning and wealth management so that its clients can achieve their goals. Through Riva’s leadership, AUREA is poised to continue this track record of growth into the foreseeable future.