Playstation 4 is Leading against the Xbox One

As we draw near to the launch dates of the next gen consoles, it seems that the Playstation 4 is taking the lead. Well, it’s expected because we all know that the “Xbone” or Xbox One blew it. Microsoft is mostly doing everything they can just to redeem themselves. The things that happened last E3 2013 certainly took its toll on the Xbox One, and today they are just reaping what they sow. Microsoft had restrictive policies and have become power and money hungry. Don’t get me wrong, all companies do what they can to boost up sales and make profit, but Microsoft’s mistake was they were not clear with their messaging and did a lot of stupid and restrictive policies with their next gen console. Fortunately, when they realized that the Xbone or Xbox one was losing to Sony in terms of the early pre orders, they have no choice but to trash those restrictive policies. Even so, they weren’t able to defeat Sony in the pre order list. Sony’s Playstation 4 pre orders are doing great during post E3.  Hence, it is safe to say that the Playstation 4 won the gaming community’s hearts. It is now October and Playstation 4 is still on the lead. Many gaming websites confirmed that the lead platform is the Playstation 4. They also did some research and the results showed that most people plan to buy a ps4 because of its “sheer power”. Technically, the Playstation 4 is more powerful than the Xbox One. Its memory is more superior than the Xbox one. The games for Playstation 4 are also more “pretty” looking than the Xbox One. There are a lot of gamers that prefer the PS4 because of that aspect alone. This just shows that Microsoft became too arrogant in the past few months and made a realization that they must not forcing or choking their customers with those stupid and redundant polices. Now, they were able to reverse all that because if they don’t then I believe they will shut down as a company.

 There’s no denying that Sony’s Playstation 4 is more beautiful, powerful, and cheaper than the “Xbone”or Xbox One. Plus, Sony supports gamers, unlike Microsoft who wants to milk out every single penny out of their consumers. If you’re a smart gamer or a person who has common sense, then you will certainly choose the PS4. Microsoft’s Xbox One is much more “weaker” of a console and it’s a lot more expensive. No doubt about it, the Playstation 4 will certainly be the leading console in this coming generation.  -Anton Lagda

The Playstation 4 is always the better one. People who have pre ordered the console will certainly be excited on launch date. The PS4 is scehduled to be out this Novemeber, so you fans should be pretty excited about that. Sony is known for delivering its customers high quality products. Rest assured that the Playstation 4 will give you the best gaming experience ever.

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