Perfect Position – How The Right Office Location Will Lead To New Opportunities

If you are in the market for a business base if operations and you search the internet for ‘office space near me’, you might be overwhelmed at the number of results you get back. The right location plays an important role in any business, but how can you choose one office location over another?

The right location can make or break a business and the same can be said about where you choose to locate your office space. If your office is located in an obscure, hard to find area of a town or city this may be off-putting for potential clients. On the other hand, the right location can really help your business ventures get ahead.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which the right office location can lead to new opportunities.

Prestigious Address

When you have an impressive downtown address on your business cards and promotional materials, people will know that you really do mean business. By choosing an office space with a premium provider of coworking spaces and executive suite hire, you’ll gain instant access to a prestigious address located in the most sought-after locations and buildings across America. This is sure to impress potential customers and clients, making them trust in your business.


If you are working out of your garage or a home office, which many startups with humble beginnings have done in the past, unfortunately, people may not take your business ventures as seriously as an already well-established competitor. If people look up your business and see an obscure residential address or they need to call and reach your personal mobile number, this might cause them to have less faith in your enterprise. With the right address and office location, your clients will be suitably impressed when they meet with you in a 5-star, unbranded, fully-furnished office fit-out with unique artwork adorning the walls. The right office location means your business will gain the credibility and trust that your hard work deserves.


By choosing an office space in your chosen city’s top financial district or even a shared workspace environment in the downtown area, you will have the chance to rub shoulders and network with like-minded individuals form a diverse range of backgrounds. These networking opportunities are invaluable as everyone knows that to get ahead in business, it’s not about what you know, it’s who you know. They may even be open to potential collaborations which could help to propel your business even faster.

Ease Of Access

By locating your office in the right area with more foot traffic, there is the potential for more customers to discover your business. The right location will be easy to get to by all modes of public transport and will have ample parking, meaning you’ll never miss out on bagging a potential client due to being too awkward for them to find or get to.

Greater Work/Life Balance

If you locate your office in an area that has ample amenities nearby, you and your team can easily pop out for a business lunch or grab a few drinks together on a Friday evening. If there are gyms and yoga classes nearby, you can fit in a quick workout on your way to or from work or even on your lunch break. After all, a healthy body breeds a healthy mind.

The Right Location Plays An Important Role

With added exposure to potential clients, the credibility and respect to be gained from a prestigious address as well as the opportunities to network with others in your field, and a greater work-life balance – the opportunities are endless. By choosing the right location for your office, your business will benefit in more ways than you could imagine.