New York Presents A Large Field of Nonprofits, But These 5 Organizations Have Separated Themselves From the Pack

New York City is home to one of the largest collections of nonprofit entities that can be found anywhere in the world. The city’s nonprofit sector is out there doing some outstanding work and making a real difference both locally and globally. Those who are interested in working for or supporting a nonprofit will have no problem finding a great organization if they are looking in the New York City area. With this in mind, these are five suggestions for nonprofits that are well worth looking into. These vital organizations have worked hard to separate from a dense pack of nonprofit sector entities that operate in New York City.

1. We Are Family Foundation

Launched in September of 2001 and doing amazing work since then, We Are Family Foundation has a mission to educate today’s youth about the benefit of understanding and respect. The organization works hard to help provide education to young people that will give them a true understanding and appreciation of the value of diversity. This outstanding New York-based organization was founded by renowned musician Nile Rodgers and it continues to this day to work on issues important both locally and globally.

2. Alliance for the Arts

New York City’s Alliance for the Arts has built a strong reputation over the years as one of the region’s top nonprofit entities. The organization works hard to promote cultural events and offerings that provide valuable educational lessons. This forward-thinking nonprofit is also notable for the way that it has embraced emergent forms of technology over the years to help in its mission. Through technology and a program that emphasizes the value that is present in personalized learning, Teach to One has made a dramatic impact on the lives of countless math students across the New York region since the nonprofit was first launched in 2009.

3. Urban Justice Center

The Urban Justice Center is another outstanding New York regional nonprofit that has made a significant impact on the community that it serves. The organization focuses its efforts on New York residents that live in poverty and has placed a large emphasis on finding ways to help minority groups across the city. The Urban Justice Center is known for providing key legal support in many critical issues that face vulnerable groups across the New York City region.

4. Phipps Neighborhoods

Phipps Neighborhoods has a special place amongst New York nonprofits as the city’s oldest entity working toward providing affordable housing to qualifying individuals across the region. The organization runs valuable campaigns aimed at helping New York City youth from underprivileged backgrounds to get the education and opportunities that they need to be able to thrive. This outstanding organization recently received a huge financial boost to the valuable work that it is doing. This came in the form of a contract from the city of New York that has a total value of $3.5 million. This valuable funding will go toward providing housing and emergency shelter.

5. Teach to One

It is no surprise that Teach to One has made it into this list of New York City nonprofits that are having a truly profound impact through the work being done. In this case, the focus is squarely on the education of today’s young people and specifically on today’s math students in middle school.