The World’s Most Dangerous Roads in Pictures

 9 of The World’s Most Dangerous Roads Of All Time

Since time immemorial, roads have been providing essential means of safer movement of people and goods in all nations across the globe. Whereas there are some roads that are heavily traveled thoroughfares, there are nevertheless other roads that are remote, narrow and winding. The list of some of the world’s most dangerous roads will most probably remind you that roads are not always safe as most people out there think.

1. Trans-Siberian Highway- Russia


It is among the longest roads on earth. It links Vladivostok to St. Petersburg. It therefore passes through thick forests, vast cold deserts and mountainous areas. Much of this road is unpaved hence making it unsuitable for a casual weekend drive.

2. Sichuan-Tibet Highway-China


Measuring 5,476 km and running from Shanghai to Zhangmu along the Nepal border, Sichuan-Tibet highway is not only China’s longest road but it is also one of the world’s most dangerous roads. The road has a record of more than a whopping 7,500 deaths for every 100,000 motorists who use it every year. The road will take you through vast landscapes with peaks vaulting skyward. Climate here is quiet unpredictable and it could change right in front of you. It is suicidal to driving fast on this road.

3. Zoji pass-India

Zoji pass-India

This dangerous road connects Leh district to Srinigar. Even though it serves as among the most essential mountain passes in India, it nevertheless leads to hundreds of road-accident related deaths every year. It is quiet narrow and dangerous. Worse still is the fact that weather at times makes this road more dangerous because it passes through areas that normally experience heavy downfall along with strong, violent winds.

4. BR-116


Brazil’s second longest road is dubbed “The Highway of Death” courtesy of registering high numbers of vehicle accident-related deaths. Since this road is not properly maintained, thousands of lives are lost as a result of accidents caused by negligence and poor upkeep. There are also marauding bandits and gangs who rob motorists along this road.

5. Trollstigen –Norway


Located in Rauma, Norway, Trollstigen road has steep inclines, sharp turns and narrow roads. The road is so dangerous to the point where the Norwegian government has banned vehicles that are over 39 feet long from using this road. That notwithstanding, it is still quite busy especially during the tourist season. It is estimated that approximately 2,500 vehicles use this road during the busy tourist season. The mountainous road took over 8 years to build.

6. North Yungas road- Bolivia


In Bolivia, this dangerous road has been nicknamed the ‘road of death’. It appears as though it has been cut into the side of Cordillera Oriental Mountain Ranges. Many of its sections lack guardrails and they are also unpaved. Humid and warm winds from the nearby Amazon bring fog and heavy rainfall hence making this road impassable. There are also numerous tumbling rocks and mudslides, while small waterfalls usually rain down the sides of the cliff. These conditions definitely explains the reason as to why an estimated 250 -400 people die on this road every year.

7. Halsema Highway-Philippines


This road offers the only way for motorists to get to Sagada (one of the most popular tourist sites in Philippines). However, the landslide-prone highway also features in the list of some of the world’s most dangerous roads. It is also among the most neglected roads on Earth. It is quiet usual to hear that a bus has rolled over the edge since there were no guardrails to keep it from prevent it from rolling over.

8. Fairy Meadows-Pakistan


The road stretches along the base of Mt Nanga Parbat, the world’s ninth highest mountain at 26,660 feet. It is a great destination for hikers and photographers who love the scenic views of nature. The uneven and unpaved road stretches on a cliff that has no single barrier to prevent vehicles from falling off. Traveling on this road is definitely not a preserve of faint-hearted.

9. Taroko Gorge-Taiwan


The mountainous road is not only narrow, but it also has several winding turns. The other thing that makes it dangerous is the fact that it passes through some of the places that are known to experience typhoons and earthquakes. However, most of it is paved and there are also guardrails along the edge.

These are just some of the most dangerous roads in the world, there are other roads that are equally dangerous for motorists.



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