Playstation 4 hits stores next month. Everybody’s excited but the real question is, does Sony have great games at launch? Well, don’t you worry, we’re talking about Sony here not some money hoarding, milk greedy Microsoft. The “Xbone” or Xbox One is simply a disgrace of a console. Moving on to the matter, there will be great games for the PS4 as it launches next month, ¬†and one game that caught our eyes is Knack. The game is created by Mark Cerny, this man is the lead architect of the Playstation 4 and is behind the creative force behind Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, and Jak & Daxter, of which all were successful games. Knack’s gameplay is very enticing and nostalgic. It brings fond memories of the Playstation days and is indeed a game for everybody.

The story of Knack is simple, Goblins have started a war and the humans must defend themselves from this epiphany of carnage. A well known doctor created Knack to fight against these goblins. There’s also a kid named Lucas, the doctor adopted him since Lucas’ parents died and has become the doctor’s assistant.¬†Lucas is smart, competent and hardworking. The Doctor is a very intellectual man and he invented a lot of things from airplanes to hovercrafts and finally, Knack. They believe that they will change the tide in this war and be victorious with Knack’s help. Knack is a creation of perfection. They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, this is very applicable to Knack. Knack is small but he can change form as he gets “orbs”, he can also dismantle himself at will. Knack is kind and compassionate and aids the humans against the filthy zombies.

Playstation 4 fans should be excited and I would recommend of picking this game up. If you want a game that will bring you the best experience for a new console release, then pre order knack now. The game is beautiful and fun, I think this game will also leave a positive reaction for gamers of all ages.

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