Jacques Poujade Shares: How to Buy Real Estate Using Bitcoin

A lot of people are pretty surprised with just how far Bitcoin as a currency has come. In just a few short years, it has gone from mostly under the radar to the mainstream. Most people at least know something about Bitcoin, even if they don’t completely understand it.

Despite the fluctuating value of Bitcoin, it is still somewhat limited on what it can be used for. A few companies are starting to accept Bitcoin as a payment, but other than that, it’s mostly looked at as a type of currency to invest in.

Jacques Poujade and his team at LendPlus is looking to change all of that. They are one of the first companies to accept cryptocurrency for payment, which has allowed new investors to jump into the real estate industry in a new and exciting way.

Why Accept Cryptocurrency?

LendPlus believes that a person should have the opportunity to buy a house with Bitcoin if they want. After all, Bitcoin has actual value, and it is meant to be used as currency. Why shouldn’t it be used for payment, investing and more in the real estate industry?

The company feels that they are providing a service that will be very common in 5-10 years. By getting ahead of everyone else, they feel more people will use LendPlus to help them grow. Bitcoin can be “flipped” into a real estate investment, which is usually a relatively safe investment for a person to get involved in.

Will All Cryptocurrencies be Accepted?

Currently, Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency accepted by LendPlus. The company has plans to add others in the future, making them one of the most versatile companies in their industry. It all comes down to how mainstream new cryptocurrencies become, and if the company feels comfortable accepting those payments.

Cryptocurrencies in general are at a stage right now where there is a lot of quantity, but not necessarily quality. Bitcoin has excelled in a big way, but a lot of others are still trying to find their way as a much as possible. When they do settle in, that is when LendPlus will step in.

What other innovative options are offered from LendPlus?

This is certainly not the first time that LendPlus has decided to be very innovative in the loan business. They understand that more people than ever are trying to invest in real estate, either to purchase their first home, or to start to grow more and more with income.

They offer a number of loan options that range from 30-year fixed rate to reverse mortgages. There is something to cover just about any person’s needs, and that now includes anyone who is heavily invested into cryptocurrency.

Their goal continues to be to not turn anyone down for help. Getting a loan can be a very challenging experience for some people, but it should never feel like it is next to impossible. People want to have confidence when they are applying for a loan, and the best way to do that these days is online.