Is It Safe to Get Chiropractic Adjustments?

Licensed chiropractors are well-trained specialists you can trust for professional and effective treatment. Getting a chiropractic adjustment is a common and safe procedure, although complications can happen, just as with any procedure. 

An adjustment isn’t a substitute for getting care from your primary medical doctor, but it can be an effective complement to your care. It is used at times as an alternative pain therapy to help patients reduce their dependence on pain medication. 

People most often seek out chiropractic adjustments to help them manage chronic pain and long-term back and neck issues. The practitioner will apply pressure to your body to help adjust and align your joints and other parts of the body with the goal of decreasing pain and improving mobility and function. 

Risks of Adjustments 

Research on chiropractic treatment has found that the benefits from an adjustment to your spine and other areas can be significant, but that certain risks do exist. Serious complications may occur in as many as 13 out of every 1,000 patients, and those can include strokes, spinal issues and potential neurological problems. These are usually related to a preexisting medical condition you may suffer from. 

Unpleasant short-term side effects like increased pain or soreness happen more often. You may also find yourself unusually tired or uncomfortable after an adjustment. Research on the safety and efficacy of chiropractic treatment continues, and many doctors already recommend chiropractic care as one possible treatment option among many.  

Speak to your doctor before considering a chiropractic adjustment. Then you’ll want to do your own research and get recommendations before you pick one to work with. If your chiropractor is properly trained, licensed and up-to-date, you can trust that the risk of any complication is very low.  

Conditions Effectively Treated by Chiropractors

Many people seek out chiropractors because it’s an effective natural treatment that lets them avoid more intense and expensive treatment options. Chiropractor adjustment for sciatic nerve issues has been shown to decrease pain more and for longer than electric stimulation of the muscles.  

Getting adjustments from licensed chiropractors as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan can help people significantly alleviate their pain from severe neck, back, shoulder and head pain without having to take nearly as many medications. Many patients come to chiropractors for treatment for migraines and cervicogenic headaches, as there are sometimes aren’t many other effective options available for those conditions.

People who receive this kind of treatment often see lower levels of pain and increased flexibility in stiff and sore joints and muscles. This natural treatment intervention can ease recovery times and even sometimes help patients avoid the need for surgery.   

Free Yourself from Chronic Pain 

If you suffer from extensive, long-term pain that stops you from enjoying your life to the fullest, there’s no reason not to speak to your doctor and consider if seeing a chiropractor might help. No one deserves to live with that much pain.