3 Technologies That Can Help You Breathe Easier

When it comes to healthy living, people often think about heart health and weight loss. However, your respiratory health also plays a huge role in your overall well-being. New technologies, from artificial lungs to high-tech air purifiers, are improving the quality of life for people everywhere. Keep reading to learn about three state-of-the-art devices with the potential to change your life for the better.    

REME-HALO In-duct Air Purifier

Image via Flickr by pockethifi

The REME-HALO is installed in your HVAC system’s air ducts. From there, it produces and distributes Hydro-Peroxide Plasma, a naturally occurring gas that cleanses the air. By dispensing this gas throughout your home,Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning consistently cleans and disinfects pollutants at their source. This is in direct contrast to many other air purifiers that require pollutants to pass through a filter before purification can take place.

This innovative product will help you enjoy better air quality by killing 99% of bacteria and viruses in your home. It will also rid your home of a variety of indoor air pollutants, such as dust and pet dander. The REME-HALO is easy for an HVAC technician to incorporate into your HVAC system where it can provide air purification for your entire home.


The Hemolung, a new type of artificial lung, is an innovative solution for those in respiratory failure. It does about half the work of a patient’s failing lungs, helping him or her recover and heal. In patients that qualify for it, the Hemolung can be used instead of a mechanical ventilator. The Hemolung allows patients to stay conscious, eat, and even chat with friends and family during their hospital stay. Conversely, mechanical ventilators require sedation and a breathing tube. This device greatly enhances a patient’s quality of life while they’re in the hospital, making the Hemolung a truly revolutionary medical device. While it’s not yet widely available, the Hemolung is expected to be used more often in the coming years, allowing thousands of people to have safer, shorter, and more comfortable hospital stays.

The 3M Respiratory Tracker

The 3M Respiratory Tracker is a wearable device that tracks your breathing and relays the information it collects to its companion app. Millions of Americans suffer from asthma and nasal allergies, and this new technology will help them take greater control of their respiratory health.

This device tracks your breathing, alerting you when it senses a problem. While the 3M Respiratory Tracker is helpful for allergy sufferers, it has the potential to be life-saving for asthmatics. By helping users anticipate problems before they occur, this device and app could potentially give people time to take action before their symptoms become life-threatening.

New technologies are rapidly improving the lives of people with a variety of respiratory issues. While many of these tools target those with life-altering health problems, such as asthma, others are helping make the world safer and healthier for everyone. Taking advantage of these devices can lead to a better quality of life for people everywhere.