If You Like These Shows, You’ll Love These Books

After your 12th episode on Netflix, you may be wondering what you’re doing with your life. You’d like to be more productive, but not too productive. You’d like to pass the time, and also stimulate your brain a little more. If the gnawing desire to do more than stare at a TV screen for hours on end describes you, pick up one of these books and binge read instead of binge watch!


If You Like Frontier, You’ll Love Matt Miller in the Colonies: Book One: Journeyman

If you’re into the American-Canadian drama series, Frontier, you will love Journeyman, which is the first book in the Matt Miller in the Colonies series. Set in Colonial America, Matt has traveled back in time. With no way home, he must now live life as a colonist, with only the skills and knowledge he has from modern times. Matt knows no one, and seemingly has no skills, making surviving the 18th century harder than he expected.


If You Like Jessica Jones, You’ll Love Gates of Midnight: Warrior of the Gate

Just can’t get enough super hero action, but want something a little different from the overdone heroes we get in such large doses nowadays? Find a new heroine to admire in Gates of Midnight by Debbie Lynn Smith. Follow Raven Moon as she investigates the truth behind her father’s death. Raven soon discovers the world is full of dark secrets, and you will, too with this empowering graphic novel.


If You Like The Handmaid’s Tale, You’ll Love XX v XY: The Final World War

The terrifying story of women being utterly controlled, is gripping in The Handmaid’s TaleXX v XY is a story with many similarities. The setting takes place in a future where men and women have split the USA in half. The East is controlled by President X, who believes women are there to serve and just be beautiful. Women from the East are subjected to physical and mental-altering treatments to make them all clone-like replicas of the “ideal” womanly image. In the West, women have decided to take a pill to suppress their “weaker” emotions. The two sides are vastly different, unable to co-exist as the final world war sets upon them.


If You Love The Crown, You’ll Love The Prince

If you can’t get enough of the royal scandal The Crown provides, try reading The Prince by Nanishka Torres. In this LGBTQ-friendly novel, a Prince’s lover is kidnapped by a radical religious group. Held captive in a game of subterfuge, the royal family must decide what to do next. High-stakes and daring heroes, The Prince is a read for our times.


If You Are Inspired by Netflix Documentaries like Miss Representation, You’ll love the book: How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength

If you strive to be better and feel inspired by learning all you can to be a powerful woman, you need to start reading How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength. Build core expertise, fortify your personal brand, and master negotiation and deal-making skills. It’s time to grow as a person, put the remote away, and grab a copy of this empowering book.


If You Like Hell on Wheels, You’ll Enjoy The Engine Woman’s Light

If you like the gritty action and crime theme of Hell on Wheels, you’ll find the same in The Engine Women’s Light. Set in the 19th Century, one woman must find a way to stop a hell-bound train and end the corruption that’s costing lives. Explore the nineteenth century steampunk world where ancestors make ghostly visits, and heroes must make unsavory decisions.


Do You Love a Good Mystery Show: a Classic Like Columbo, Sherlock, or a New Release like Broadchurch? Then You’ll Love Baker’s Dozen

If nothing grabs your attention like a captivating mystery, you need to read Baker’s Dozen, the first book in the Lexi Fagan series. A new genre labeled “urban cozy”, this novel brings all the comfort of a traditional cozy mystery, with a twist. It is set in the urban landscape of San Francisco and is a touch sexier and tenacious than a typical cozy. Lose yourself in the mystery behind burnt cookies and mistaken identities.


If You’re a Fan of Bladerunner, You Need to Read Mostly Human: A 4Pollack Novel

If you liked the gritty story of replicants and space from Bladerunner, you must read Mostly Human: A 4Pollack Novel. In it, 4Pollack is the fourth clone of the once famous detective named Pollack. His mission is to find out why the last clone died. Set on the planet Mars in the future, 4Pollack is soon taken on dark and murderous path.


Is Frasier One of Your all-time Favorite Shows? Then You’ll Get a Kick Out of Next Therapist Please

Like the TV show Frasier, Next Therapist Please combines humor and wit with the never-ending search for the perfect therapist. This book is a humorous take on the struggles of OCD, anxiety, and depression. Laughter is the best medicine, and this book will have you smiling as you relate to the frustration, struggles, and hardships that Janie endures as she moves from one therapist to the next.


If You’re into All Things Science Fiction like Star Trek or Farscape, Check out The Fifth Battalion

If you consider yourself a science fiction lover, you’ll want to pick up a copy of The Fifth BattalionIn this fast-paced adventure, planet Earth isn’t what it seems. Controlled and enslaved, our planet is really an immortal prison used for a galactic ruler to punish criminals. One man leads the cause to escape Earth in an epic struggle for freedom.


If You Like The Man in The High Castle, You’ll Love The Fuehrer’s Blood

The Man in the High Castle is an alternate reality in which the Axis power won WWII and the USA is under control of Germany and Japan. While you’re waiting for the next season to come on Amazon Prime, try reading The Fuehrer’s Blood by Shreyans Zaveri. Like The Man in the High Castle, you will experience an alternative ending to WWII, one in which Hitler doesn’t commit suicide.


If You Like American Horror Story, You’ll Love Wraith Ladies Who Lunch

Do you love the bizarre nature of American Horror Story, with the unusual plots and twists? Then you’ll enjoy reading Sean Patrick Traver’s novels. His most recent, Wraith Ladies Who Lunch, is a novella, so it will be a quick and fun read once you’ve decided to pause the T.V. Wraith Ladies Who Lunch is a paranormal story of a mummy, whose body is displayed at LACMA, but her soul is bound to Earth. She and her Victorian era soul-friend meet at the nearby Cheesecake Factory and discuss how they can move on to the other world.


If You Like This Is Us, You’ll Love The Path of Lucas

If you get that warm and fuzzy feeling while watching the family on This Is Us then you’ll enjoy cuddling up with Path of Lucas by Susanne Bellefeuille. Written about her life growing up, and the struggles her family faced as her mother was slowly lost to mental illness, the story is real and poignant. Lucas, the ever-adoring husband and father, has no option but to try to save his wife from herself, and he defies the doctors to do so.