How Your Website Can Boost your e-Commerce Sales

E-commerce has become a way to shop for millions of people across the globe. The electronic buying and selling products online or over the internet has revolutionised the shopping experience. As the owner of an e-commerce store, you only have a short window of opportunity to make a favourable impression on your prospective customers when they visit your site. During this window, the shopper will either stay and shop on your site or move on to the next site to look for more appealing products. Therefore, your product page is the most important page on your website. If this page is inviting and credible, it can drive conversions from the traffic visiting your site and increase your sales. There are a few factors that can assist you in ensuring that your product pages are notable and that when done properly, should result in your site visitors becoming paying customers. In the event that you would prefer handing the stress of designing, building, and maintaining your website to professionals, it would be a great idea to opt for Website Services that will assist with all your website needs.

Have a Page Design Blueprint

The way your products are exhibited on your site is important. The layout must impress a browsing shopper enough to buy your products so make sure your pages are not messy or crowded. Your layout must be modern and appealing so that you not only attract visits to your site but also convert those visits into a sale. Consider using a minimalist design that displays three or four products in a row and keep colours minimal so they do not detract from your products. Most eCommerce stores end up cluttering product pages with text and ill-considered functionality that muddle with the core message and call to action. It is vital to include the product description, customer reviews, and images or videos but the pages should be clean and minimalistic ensuring a satisfactory browsing experience for your visitors. The costs of your website should be apart of your business expenses. In addition to this, it would be wise to also create a marketing budget to help get your e-commerce business off the ground.


When including visuals on your product pages, combine high quality 360-degree zoomable images with a quick view of your product. This will provide the customer with enough detail regarding your product. If your product is available in varying colours, include an image of these as well. Ensuring the visuals on your website are perfect can be extremely challenging and this is often one of the most notable reasons budding entrepreneurs take their website specifics to highly skilled developers and web designers. In order to achieve a visually pleasing website design, the help of a professional website designer would be priceless. 

Product Descriptions And Price

The descriptions of your products must give the customer a clear idea of what they are buying. The wording and tone of the page should be kept professional and factual without any technical jargon or cliches. Use a contrasting colour and a large font so that the product price stands out. If you are promoting any special offers or offering any discounts at the time, these can be mentioned next to the price so the customer can make a faster decision to purchase. As your main goal is to make a sale, place the add-to-cart button prominently on each product page. 


Including testimonials and reviews from your existing clients will foster a feeling of trust in your site visitors. Your replies to these reviews will also impress upon the visitor, what your business ethics and values are. An interactive chat room could fulfil both objectives at the same time. Customer focus surveys have determined that online purchase reviews can influence buyer decisions for most online customers. Showing your online store reviews on your product pages can result in a visitor making a buying decision in your favour.

Leveraging off Social Media 

Almost half the population uses social media to shop online and to search for product endorsements from fellow shoppers. If your product page is impressive, it can assist you in launching a social media drive to increase sales. It is, therefore, an excellent idea if your product pages not only display your brand’s social media channels but also allow shoppers to share your products across all social media platforms.  

As you can see, a superb product page is vital in keeping visitors to your site browsing for longer and ultimately buying your products. If you already have set up product pages on your e-commerce site, perhaps a revamp might be in order.