How You Can Increase Employee Loyalty At Your Company

Starting your own company is an accomplishment in itself but sustaining success can be a completely different challenge. One issue that many companies have is that of employee turnover due to a variety of factors. Unlike in the past there are plenty of people headhunting your employees if they have valuable skills in the job market. Employee turnover can be a huge negative as it takes thousands of dollars in training for a new employee to learn processes and start earning profits for the company. The following are ways that you can improve employee loyalty thus helping ensure success for years to come.

Provide Lunch

Providing lunch might not seem like a huge deal to some employees but those younger employees could really value it. Those younger employees could be strapped with student debt and rarely have the ability or finances to eat out. Not only does this act as a perk but it gives the company the ability to ensure people are eating healthy. Unhealthy lunches can lead to drops in production after the meal with people complaining of fatigue due to a sugar crash or a meal that was too greasy.

Work From Home Days

Working from home is the best perk that a job can offer to many employees as it gives them a sense of freedom. Allowing certain staff that are hitting production numbers to work from home a few days a week or permanently should be done on a case by case basis. Those people that are parents could value the extra time they spend commuting as it gives them more time to spend with the family. Keep production goals the same and revoke the privilege if you feel an employee is taking advantage of this opportunity.

Turn The Office Into A Comfortable Environment

The office being a comfortable environment could be not stressed enough. If clients do not come to the office allow employees to dress in a comfortable manner as it does not reflect on the company to clients at all. Finding the right Spectrum Internet Plans Dallas TX can make a huge difference when a TV is put in the break room. This can entice employees to eat lunch at the office and bond creating a sense of team among staff. With this being said, keeping the TV on during March Madness is a recipe for disaster so keep TV hour confined to lunch time.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

Leave for new parents can allow a company to keep a valued employee that otherwise might have quit to spend time with their newborn. If the company cannot do this financially then offering the ability to work from home could keep the employee onboard. Employees will remember when they are offered a new job of all of the times that you have tried to accommodate them. If employees feel like the company values them as an individual rather than a social security number they will be much less likely to leave their position.

As you can see increasing employee loyalty is all about catering to employees that the company values. Take the time to see where you can make the life of an employee better without impacting company profits as you would be surprised to see the different areas that the business could improve.