How to Improve Your Business’ Security

When people set up a business, they often take care of everything from how everything looks and how the entire space functions, but since they’re only going to be there for half the day, the one thing that may lag behind is the security. If you think about it, the security of your business is even more important because it might have to be empty all night! Thieves and intruders take advantage of the fact that it’s dark and empty to attack and as a business owner, it’s your job to make sure that doesn’t happen!

In this post, we’re going to be going over everything you need to do to ensure that your business’ security is top notch. This way, you’ll be able to make sure that no one who isn’t supposed to have access to your office, can get in!

Get the Right Locks for Every Door
This is the most important thing you can do to improve your business’ security. It’s essential that not only you’re using strong locks for all of the doors, but also that you’re using the right one for each door! For the front door, which is going to be used by all your employees, you could go with a fingerprint lock so you don’t have to distribute a bunch of keys. Inside, you can try anti-snap locks to give the doors an added layer of security against all threats! Follow the theme of adjusting the locks as you go to have a perfectly secure business at the end of the day! If you can’t figure out which locks would be best where, call an Alabaster Locksmith, or a recommended locksmith in your area to come in and check out the space for you. They’ll be able to recommend and install all the necessary locks for you! 

Install a Security  System
Once you have the right locks in place, the next major thing you might want to invest in is a security system. This doesn’t have to be an expense worth thousands of dollars, you can set up your own security system that takes care of the essential things too! This would usually include things like an alarm system on the major doors and windows. So if anyone tries to open them without your consent, you will know immediately! You can even find one that’s a peel and stick version and even install it yourself! It’s cheap, easy and it works!

Keep Important Things Under Lock
Doors aren’t the only thing you need to keep locked all the time. If you have anything valuable, jewellery, money or documents, that are not supposed to be in the hands of anyone but you, make sure you’re keeping all of it under lock. If the things aren’t too many, you could just get a safe and lock all the things inside. If there is a mountain of documents that you need to keep safe, it’s a good idea to have them under lock too! You can use a locking filing cabinet to do the job! This way, even if an intruder does make it inside the premises, all of your important documents and other valuables will always be just fine!

Get CCTV Cameras
The next thing that you should do to secure the premises is install CCTV cameras. Ideally, these cameras would be everywhere, but, if that ends up being too expensive, it’s still smart to have the cameras installed all around the perimeter and at the points of entry. This way, you’ll have knowledge of everyone that’s passing by your business and coming in and out of your doors! If anything goes wrong, the perp will be caught on camera!

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