How to Get Clean for A Urine Drug Test- Important tips on How to Clean Your System of Drugs before Urinalysis

Drugs can get you high, but it can also get you kicked out of a job or make you lose out at a job interview. Most of the drug tests carried out in your workplace usually involves analysis for metabolites and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These are byproducts left behind in your body after the drugs have been processed. Knowing how to beat a drug test depends on a combination of factors. You can learn more about them and pass a drug test with Drug Testing Reviews and from other trusted websites.

To pass a drug test when you are a regular or even infrequent user of drugs of any kind, you have to consider how much THC and metabolites are left in your body at the time of the test, the type of test you are being subjected to and the testing levels of the screening. Generally, your chances of beating a drug test are mainly dependent on how much time you have left before the day of the test.

Typically, to catch erring workers, most drug tests are announced on short notice. Which means you get limited time to strategize on how to beat the test. However, since the more time you have, the greater your chances of flushing THC and metabolites out of your system, it is advisable that you stop taking drugs in any form you have been taking it the moment you are notified of a drug test.

How long do you need to be totally free from THC metabolites?

Generally, THC metabolites have a half-life of 7 days. This means the amount of THC present in your body at every point in time will drop by half in 7 days. With this mind, you should be able to completely rid your body of drugs within 3 to 4 weeks. However, this figure also varies depending on how frequently you take drugs, the type of substance you take and your body weight and rate of metabolism.

The most common type of drug test is a Urinalysis. It is less expensive and fairly accurate. Some workplaces can also make use of blood testing to determine THC levels in the bloodstream — a less common but highly effective tests in hair follicle test. Of these three the hair follicle test is the hardest to beat. But the good news is that is that it is not a common form of testing used in workplaces.


How To Pass a Urine Analysis

As mentioned, the most common form of drug test is the urine analysis. Luckily a urine test does not require you to be `100% free from THC to pass. Instead, the goal should be to reduce your metabolite level to a value below the threshold. In most cases, this is around 50ng/mL. Your urine test will most likely report negative if you can dilute your urine sample enough to be less than this value.  But this is not as simple as it sounds.

Diluting your urine enough isn’t merely about drinking excessive water days or weeks before your test. You don’t have to drink too much water until a day or two before your test. At least 2-3 liters throughout the day before d-day and about 1 to 2 liters some hours before the test are recommended to dilute your urine without raising suspicion.

Note, however, that it is likely that your pee becomes colorless if you attempt to dilute it with water alone this way. This is because of a drop in Creatinine levels in your urine, and this is usually a red flag in most test cases. To avoid this, you will have to induce coloration in your urine by taking Vitamin B supplements and Creatinine. You will need to take about 50 to 100mg of vitamin B hours before your test and an above-average dose of Creatinine some hours before your test as well.

Another alternative is to make use of detox drinks or pills which are readily available in the market both online and offline. A Detox drink is based on the same principle of urine dilution discussed earlier. However, they already contain creatinine and vitamin B which makes it a more convenient approach compared to the natural process of dilution already discussed. However, be sure that you are buying a trusted product form a reputable vendor since there are quite a huge variety of options available. You can check here for a guide to cleanse your body from drugs Naturally.

Additional Tips That Will Help You Pass Your Urine Drug Test.

Avoid Exercise and Rigorous Physical Activities

Usually, THC is stored in fat cells in your body. Fat cells are burned during exercise, doing so some hours to your tests will cause metabolites to be released into your bloodstream, and this will cause THC levels to spike, and you will fail your tests. However, there is a way you can use exercise to your advantage as well. Exercising a couple of days to your test is a good idea especially if you have enough time to prepare for your test.

Using Urine Samples to Your Advantage

Another way you can ensure that you get a favorable result from your test is to be smart with the sample you are presenting. It is advisable that your present samples from the middle of your urine stream. The first and end part of your urine stream usually contain high amounts of metabolites.

Thus, in addition to all the earlier described precautions, you should ensure that when asked to present a sample you should start urinating then after a while take a sample from mid-stream. Also, be aware that early morning urine is usually more concentrated and under no circumstance should you present it as your urine sample for a drug test.


While the method described above will greatly increase your chances of testing negative to a drug test, it is not an automatic guarantee that you will test negative. Success at the end of the day depends on so many factors and may vary from one individual to the other. But they are well worth the try. Also, the process of detoxifying your body may vary slightly depending on the type of tests as well.