Five Ways To Make Money in 2020

Making a bit of extra money on the side is always welcome. But starting a side hustle, and more importantly, starting the right side hustle is sometimes hard. 

You have to take into consideration so many different aspects. From making sure that you’re keeping your sanity and staying motivated enough to keep doing this on a day by day basis, to ensuring that what you’re undertaking as your side money generating activity, you can do well enough to get paid for. 

So, while it’s 2020 and you can find some way to make money left and right, we’ve decided to go over five ways that can help you generate more money and reach new financial goals. Let’s get started! Shall we?

Consider becoming a workout coach.

Helping people reach new fitness heights is definitely something exciting. You get to see your clients grow, thrive, and get healthier because of your guidance and actions. 

But this is definitely not of everyone as you’ll have to be an individual who’s passionate about living a healthy lifestyle so much, you inspire other people to do so as well. But if you tick all the boxes, then you can start finding clients and sell them your services. Just remember that if you are interested in providing meal plans as well, you should be a certified professional to do so. 

Consider investing

Definitely one of the more professional options on here that could turn you into a millionaire if you are good enough at what you do. 

Investing in crypto specifically is a good idea, as the technology is becoming more and more mainstream and even some banks are getting interested in it. Now that even bitcoin halving is a thing, it’s all about creating a more stable currency, and if you capitalize early on it, you’ll be sure to make a bank once crypto becomes part of our day to day. 

Turn your hobby into a money generating machine

While the above mentioned working out is definitely a hobby, it’s very energy consuming and you have to be very dedicated to keep it as a side hustle to your nine to five. 

But consider turning your other hobbies into something that can generate you money on the side. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money. 

If you like playing the guitar, do guitar lessons. Same with everything else you’re good at. There are plenty of people that need to get better at math. 

Start a podcast

Yup, definitely 2020 with this one. While starting a podcast is easy, making it successful with a raving fan base is hard. 

But if you are in an industry or you have interesting friends that you think will make for amazing podcast episodes, then you’re a step closer to building a strong fan base podcast, that you can monetize. 

Maybe start a blog

Yup, blogs are still a thing. But only if you do them properly. We’re talking about research, passion, quality writing, and powering it with SEO. This would ensure the much-needed organic reach for building a readership that you can monetize.