Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends for 2019

After a scorching hot summer, perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that so many people are eager to get back into their fall clothes. But what items will take you into fall this year? Sustainability is a big deal right now, so many fabulous fashionistas want to be sure that they can find items that will last for longer than just one season. Luckily, the following three trends promise to keep everyone gorgeous and glam — while also offering up the type of eternal charm that will last a lifetime. 

Talk a Walk on the Wild Side with Animal Prints That Will Make You Roar

This year, leopard print is bigger than ever. For those clotheshorses who aren’t afraid to go bold, it’s time to rock a faux fur leopard coat or even some slacks. But the great thing about this trend is that you don’t need to fully commit to pay some homage to the animal kingdom. A great pair of leopard flats or pumps will suffice. Those who crave a dash of fashion that can last all year long may want to check out The RealReal for a Gucci silk printed scarf. With amazing little accents, you can completely transform your look from plain to fierce fashionista of the jungle.

Love Up All the Lace

Some of the most dazzling designers have managed to add lace to their creations this season, creating some of the most femininely fabulous pieces seen in years. Anyone who’s been watching the runways has undoubtedly seen McQueen and Jacobs adding luxurious lace to some of their most eye-catching pieces. What’s different about this year, though, is the way in which fashion houses have been combining lace with more hardcore accessories. Whether it’s being paired with combat boots, faux leather or even denim, lace is proving its versatility this year. Like the animal print trend, of course, it’s also easy to add lace to your ensembles with ease. A scarf, a lace choker or even a belt can add that touch of pizzazz that will make all your friends swoon. This fall, there’s no need to commit to an entire lace dress — although that’s certainly encouraged for those who are bold enough to go there. For those who prefer to opt for sustainable styles, a lot of great lace pieces can be found on the secondhand market. Check out The RealReal and your local consignment shop for inspiration. 

Boots, Boots, Boots

Fall’s perennial favorite — a beautiful boot — is back in style more than ever this autumn. Doc Martens are of particular interest to style hounds who want to rock a fierce look that’s also practical. Not only are these boots eye-catching, but they’re also great for long walks. Helping you to stomp all over the city, making your mark, these beguiling boots are available in an amazing array of styles and colors. But they’re not the only kind of boots that are in right now. A charming Chelsea boot — from any designer — is always a great idea, as is a great pair of knee-length boots from Gucci. This year’s boot proves that the sky is the limit.