Dispelling the Myths: The Truth About CBD and CBDa for Anxiety and Inflammation

Article written by Jan Schwartz

CBD and CBDa are increasingly being used as natural remedies for a variety of health concerns, including anxiety and inflammation. However, there are still many misconceptions surrounding these substances, and understanding the truth about them can help consumers make informed decisions about their use.

One of the most common misconceptions is that CBD and CBDa are only used to relieve anxiety or stress. While these substances may have some anti-anxiety effects, they are also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the brain. This is particularly important for those who may be experiencing anxiety due to environmental factors. 

“The root of the cause of anxiety is inflammation in the brain,” says Inesa Ponomariovaite, founder of Nesas Hemp. “Inflammation in the brain develops over the years by not taking care of the body directly. Main inflammation causes are artificial sugars, heavy metals, parasites, mold, yeast overgrowth, environmental toxins, and many other mycotoxins.” In other words, reducing inflammation may be key to addressing the underlying causes of anxiety and other mental health concerns.

Another misconception is that dosing with CBD and CBDa is a one-size-fits-all approach. The suggested dose may not work for everyone, and it’s important for individuals to experiment with different dosages to find what works best for them. “We have a suggested dose, and we know for a fact that the product is effective,” says Ponomariovaite. “Since the product is very natural and pure and is not activated, each person connects with this plant in a different way and activates the product. That means the suggested dose might not work for everybody, so we highly recommend people to increase the dose if they don’t seem to have any results.”

It’s also important to be aware of the testing process behind CBD products, as the industry is not regulated and there are no guidelines for safety and quality. This means that consumers need to be vigilant about what is in their products and make sure to read lab results carefully to ensure that they are getting a high-quality, safe product. To properly read a CBD label, consumers should look for a batch number that is attached to lab results and is certified as organic. When it comes to CBDa products, it’s important to look for products that were grown as naturally as possible and were extracted using safe, natural processes.

Nesas is a brand that prides itself on its commitment to growing its plants in the most organic way possible, using only handcrafting techniques and avoiding the use of high pressures or temperatures to dry the plants. As a result, Nesas claims to have some of the highest quality products on the market, with lab results to back up their claims. “We grow our plants with the safest and cleanest soil,” says the company. “We do only handcrafting. We don’t use any pressures or high temperatures to dry the plants. We keep our plants alive during all the steps. We have a very safe technology for the plant and human to extract very gently so we don’t disturb the structure of the plant and medicinal portfolio. Our plants are grown in the most organic way you can possibly grow these days. As a result, we have lab results to prove on each bottle to be the highest quality product on the market.”