Create a Wikipedia Page For Your Business With These Simple Tips

If you have managed to turn on a computer in the last twenty years, you are likely familiar with Wikipedia. Thought of as the Library of the Internet, Wikipedia is an immense database that offers knowledge on everything you can imagine. As one of the best resource hubs on the web for accurate information, many companies are doing their best to get their business page listed. Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly easy to get a Wikipedia page for your business.

Today, let’s walk you through the process of getting your company listed on Wikipedia.

1) Establish a Reputable Business – First and foremost, you are going to have to have an actual business to share with the world. Wikipedia is notoriously fickle about the content that is allowed to stay on its platform. Understand that the more notable your business is, the easier it will be to get your page added. With that being said, there are no guarantees but with hard work and a bit of effort, you can improve your odds.

2) Create Your Account – Every great journey on the internet starts with account creation. Register for an account on Wikipedia so that you have the power and ability to update pages. When you use a registered account on Wikipedia, you will have more control over your content as well as what data you release to the world about yourself.

3) Cultivate a Reputation – If you are going to contribute your page to Wikipedia, you might want to start by contributing elsewhere. Take some time offering authentic edits to pages that you are knowledgeable about. These edits don’t have to be on major pages. In fact, you might even prefer to do smaller edits to get a feel for the platform. This may seem like a bit of work, but it is important work to do.

4) Create Your Page – Before creating your page, take some time to browse Wikipedia. Is your business already listed anywhere else? If it isn’t, go ahead and create the page for yourself by clicking ‘Ask For The Page to Be Created’ after you type in your business name. You will be sent to the Wikipedia Article Wizard where you can begin to create your page.

5) Work With the Wizard – Once you are on the Wizard page, you can start creating your draft within the associated text editor. Remember to utilize as many citations as you can while focusing your content on your business and little else. Wikipedia wants focused content that is verifiable and free from bias. Do your best to create content that matches the character and tone of other similar businesses within your field. You can take a look at this example of a company’s Wikipedia page to get a better idea of what we are talking about.

Once you establish your Wikipedia page, it will be up to you to ensure that it is properly edited and maintained. As a public page, your Wikipedia business entry can work to funnel traffic and legitimacy toward your business.