Consult A Private Equity Due Diligence Expert Before Hiring New Executives

The hiring process for a new corporate executive should include a thorough background check. A company puts itself on the line when an executive is granted access to their most private data. The records of their key personnel are exposed, as are the confidential financials of the company. With so much at stake, there is no room for an avoidable breach of security. A complete background screening can lessen a company’s exposure when bringing on a new high-ranking executive. It is a crucial part of the hiring process that should not be overlooked.

It is the responsibility of the hiring committee and the HR manager to find the best qualified candidates. Taking the step of having a background check performed will help them select a trustworthy candidate with an added level of confidence. Corporate Resolutions is a company that utilizes their investigative experts to locate the background information on an executive. Companies in the private equity sector can obtain information on investors and founders before they transact any business.

They will conduct an extensive search that encompasses a multitude of jurisdictions. Corporate Resolutions will provide a review of the performance level of a job candidate. They will also confirm the qualifications of the person. It is important that what has been represented is, in fact, true and accurate. That way, the company can make an informed final decision.

There can be discrepancies found, and the client is made privy of the findings. One incident reported by Corporate Resolutions was regarding an apparent misrepresentation of the educational achievements of a CEO who was being considered in an investment dealing. While such a disclosure can sometimes negate the entire deal, the client decided to proceed with a special handling of the situation. Rather than terminating the relationship, the decision was made to proceed and keep a tight rein on this key executive. They were able to protect their best interests thanks to the information that was uncovered.

The use of an executive background screening company is crucial for organizations that are seeking a more comprehensive background check on a high-profile hire. When an individual is being considered for a high-ranking position, they will perform a specialized analysis. After extensive private equity due diligence research, Corporate Resolutions will compile the detailed findings and present them to their client. This gives companies a full overview of the prospective employee’s professional background and personal history.

For organizations requiring international due diligence, this service is also provided. Investigations can be performed in more than 75 countries worldwide. Corporate Resolutions has the breadth to access global background screening investigations with their team of international public record investigators. They have the team and a network of highly qualified local partners. The network contains former U.S. federal agents including from the FBI and the CIA. When a company needs a background investigation on an investor, executive, or an affiliate, they have the expertise and the resources. They will gather intelligence and the requested information for their clients. They will report the findings in a clear and concise manner. All of it will be in English, therefore, no translation or interpretation would be required.

An organization that is considering a new vendor will also deem it important to have a background check done on this individual. It is important to do business with a trustworthy vendor to avoid any unpleasant and costly issues down the road. The screening company will use the same methods of screening that are used for an executive background check. The investigation process could be customized to gather the exact information that the client requests. Corporate Resolutions advises that these types of investigations would typically include criminal checks, civil litigations, and their business interests. They will also verify their credentials and industry certifications, customer reviews, social media, and motor vehicle records. Upon completion, the client will receive a full report that includes a complete analysis and a synopsis of recommendations.

A company considering a large investment, such as a merger or acquisition, should have a background screening performed on the top executives in the organization. They can also assess all other pertinent risk factors. It is important that a company rely on expert investigative services to mitigate any potential risks.