Can You Regrow Teeth As An Adult?

Having perfectly shaped teeth is something that everyone desires, but unfortunately not everyone was born with naturally nice teeth. There are many things that can alter your smile, but one of the worst things that could ever happen is having your tooth get chipped or completely cracked off. Getting implants is probably the last resort people turn to so that they can finally get back their smile. Having a missing tooth or a cracked one, can change the way you smile forever and so people tend to spend a ton of money on all sorts of procedures. However, people tend to wonder if there is any way to regrow new teeth even if they are adults.

Can You Regrow Teeth As An Adult?

Unfortunately, the third molars are the human’s only set of teeth which can grow back when you’re an adult. All humans are born with two sets of teeth, their primary which grow when they’re still babies and then the secondary set that comes soon after their primary fall off. Therefore, after their second set has accidentally fallen or cracked off, there is no possible way to grow another set back naturally. However, much debate has been revolving the human ability to regrow new teeth after they have fallen ever since scientists have found alligators to have this nifty capability.

An alligator has been shown to regenerate every lost tooth over 50 times. This has been significantly great news for people, especially hockey players, as researchers at University of South California have been studying how alligators’ teeth regrow to try and check if doctors can one day stimulate the adult humans body to automatically replace any tooth that they have lost. However, for now, doctors, especially dentists have been telling people to instead get dental implants while this study hasn’t been fully thought out yet.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

The amount of benefits to dental implants are quite endless. One of the main advantages to them is the fact that they restore your old smile back and make them appear as natural as is possible. By simply replacing the whole tooth, including its root allow dentists to replicate the functions and appearance of natural teeth using a strong and stable foundation which allows comfortable chewing and biting to patient. Plus, nothing in your mouth will look or feel artificial whatsoever.

On top of that, dental implants have been proven to preserve the natural facial structures, as a loss of teeth can cause sagging and other facial deformity. By preventing your bone resorption which would normally occur from the loss of certain teeth, your facial structures will be able to remain intact. Having your face to collapse is the last thing that you want, because it can change the way you look forever.

Your smile will also be improved when replaced by a dental implant. Even when just one tooth has been lost, long term esthetics truly are a smart thing to do to prevent any negative factors from occurring. This is essentially important for the front part of your mouth, as it will prevent visible bone defects and instead create a natural appearance.

Dental implants will also enhance your overall quality of life, because they function just like natural teeth. These implants are supported replacement teeth, and so the appearance of your smile will be natural and they will feel natural as well. The result basically is increased comfort and an increased confidence when you speak, smile, and eat. If dentures and other partials tend to be replaced with implanted supported teeth, your overall enhanced quality of life will be more significant.

Lastly, you will also be able to have a more improved oral hygiene. It’s way easier for you to care for your implanted teeth because they also have the same texture as regular teeth. It is also a lot more convenient for you to clean an entire set of implants supported from replacement teeth compared to the traditional denture.

If you want to restore your smile back to normal due to a loss of certain teeth, then you should really consider to get dental implants. Since there aren’t any natural ways to regrow new teeth, consider getting dental implants to get your teeth back.

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  1. I have always wondered why science can’t figure out a way for us to regrow our teeth like alligators do. I heard that they are able to grow the cells that form teeth but are still way off from an actual tooth. Either way, it’s cool to think of the possibilities of regrowing teeth or even limbs from our own cells.

    1. True, also why does it just shut off the growth of new sets, when one is removed after our adult set? Seems like a genetic flaw.

    2. Most likely they can charge more for fillings, caps, and root canals then getting peoples teeth just to grow back. Just think about if you get a bad cavity. just get the tooth pulled cheap and have it growing back then doing all these costly treatments. now if they could get it to were you get a shot in the old socket of the pulled tooth and it was a one time regrow the tooth back per treatment and charge by the treatment i bet they would be all for it and charge a lot to do it.

      1. They should be looking at regenerative examples in species other than human, such as lizards etc. however; we as humans can regrow our own nails. If a nail falls off through injury it will regrow, this process is repeated indefinitely. But i do agree about dentists being prohibitively expensive/restrictive. Hell even their technology is nothing revolutionary it’s rather medieval as a medical science.

  2. Hi there, I took out 2 left moller teeth and two wisdom teeth. I was told two replace the moller teeth with implants, each tooth costing me 3000$. I don’t have that kind of finance. Anyhow I took them out in feb 2015, and now April 2015 I am growing a teeth at the moller site. It’s coming out slowly. So is it really possible???

    1. Van den Bossche Bea June 29, 2015 at 9:31 pm

      And now? You have two new teeth? When it is possible for you, than we can also do.

  3. yes you can..teeth are living oranisms. as long as there is some tooth left, seems you can. youtube it = ) im going to try ~

  4. Hi, great article! Just wondering if the author knows if wisdom teeth removal can alter the facial appearance? Have heard this from a few dentists/have notice changes myself and am strongly considering getting dental implants! Thanks!

    1. No I think that’s a myth, I think you would have to lose most of your adult teeth to have a recessive facial appearance. I have no only one wisdom tooth which I am keeping to retain some modicum of ‘wisdom’ 😉

  5. I also had my bottom front to chip and had a hole in it where you could put my tongue and through it. Within 3 months my tooth fully grew back. This has happen to me 3 times already within the last six years.

  6. hello i’m 13 years old and my two front teeth of the upper jaws are starting to loose and are sheking this is the second teeth and if this come out will the next teeth come??? :/

    1. Maybe you have gum disease, seek a tooth mechanic aka a dentist. Or just brush them and use mouthwash daily. Unless you exhibit a rare phenomenon where they will grow back, then no unfortunately we don’t have the biotechnology to do this yet, but some advances are showing promise, some earlier breakthroughs went stagnant I believe.

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