Can You Get a Divorce While Pregnant?

Pregnancy can already be stressful enough, and if the mother and father decide to end their marriage at this tumultuous times, the stress can become unimaginable. On top of that, filing for divorce during pregnancy is not even possible in most cases. This can be very frustrating and can affect both parties physically and mentally. You will be needing to process a lot of things from a legal standpoint. And in order to legally protect yourself, you will need to consider a lot of laws. At the same time, you will also need a lot of emotional support in this very difficult time.

Some states do not allow divorce during pregnancy while others do. In some cases, some states will allow filing for divorce during one’s pregnancy but will only finalize it after the child is born. For this reason, it is important that you get legal support on this matter especially if you are unfamiliar with the laws in your state regarding divorce. You will also need all the help you need when filing for divorce. You will have to go over a lot of important matters especially with regards to support and custody of the child.

So how does this affect your child? Depending on how laws work in your area, you could pay divorce fees during the pregnancy as well as after the pregnancy. This is due to some filing fees affected by the modification. Visitation arrangement, as well as child support payments, will have to be adjusted based on many sections on the divorce agreement. In addition to that, there are be other complications in this matter like in some states, divorce during pregnancy is permitted but the child will be considered legally as the fathers. This will apply even though the child may be of a different biological father.

The reason why divorce during pregnancy can be a complicated especially in most states is to avoid having to change and modify with the divorce agreement especially when it comes to the custody arrangements, child support, and other cases. There are so many complexities involved of a divorce during pregnancy that is why it is important to seek for legal counsel so you will be able to properly navigate around it. This way, your best interests are protected during this difficult time. Yes, it is possible to get a divorce while pregnant but a lawyer might advise you to wait so as to avoid a lot of complications.

Alternatively, if the state you are in does not allow divorce while you are pregnant, both parties can choose to move into separate residences. Living separately for a specific period of time can help begin the groundwork for the divorce. If in any instances you feel unsafe in your marriage, the first thing that you have to do is go to a safe place. You will also need emotional support at this time and at the same time ask for assistance with a lawyer into strategizing everything before finalizing the divorce.