Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Indie games are quite popular because of its simplistic nature and level of quality it brings to gamers, and that’s a good thing. To be frank, some indie games are even better than some triple A budgeted game. There are a lot of people who love indie games because they get to experience quality gaming. Recently, I was able to play Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, now this game certainly rocks. This shows that you don’t need a long game to make a great game. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons defines what it means of quality over quantity. You’ll really enjoy the gameplay of this game. Basically, you control both brothers with the left and right analog stick. Then you press the shoulder button that corresponds with each brother. These shoulder buttons does the “action” command in the game. The graphics are also amazing. Using the unreal engine 3, the world of Brothers: A Tale of Two sons becomes more vibrant. When you play this game, you’ll notice the simple but beautiful scenery and locations.

This game does a great job with the pacing and it lets you improve as you embark your quest in obtaining a cure for your dying father. What’s great about this game is that it’s not a mindless shooter nor a boring third person slasher. It’s more of a puzzle solver game, although the puzzles are not that difficult it makes up with its fun mechanics in solving puzzles. This game is indeed worthy of your time and money. There are  a lot of triple A games out their but I have never experienced such a wonderful and emotional game. I highly recommend this game for those who are not afraid of trying something new. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons shows not only puzzles but also a grand adventure and it mirrors a sense of “mistake” in human reality. Better try this game out, it’s available on the Playstation store. Spending time with this game is totally worth it.

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