Best Gaming Headsets

If you’re looking for a top of the line wireless gaming headset, then the Turtle Beach PX 51 headset is your best bet. Not only does it operate on a dual band Wi-Fi wireless system that’s more reliable and clear than RF systems, but it has built-in bluetooth that allows for you to listen to music or take phone calls right from the headset. That might sound like a hellish scenario for battery life, but Turtle Beach claims 15 hours of continuous battery life from a single charge of the rechargeable battery. On top of that, you’re getting a full Dolby Digital Surround Sound experience to make sure of the dual-band system. Most importantly, the top band and ear cups are heavily padded, making for extreme comfort under long play sessions.

Another cool headset is the Razer Chimaera headset. This looks like it got straight out of the future. Its 5.1 Channel Dolby Surround Sound capabilities are even more impressive, especially on a wireless headset. The Chimaera utilizes the available 5.8Ghz frequency to wireless transfer audio without interference. If you’re in a situation where you need to communicate with local teammates and don’t have internet to do so, up to four Razer Chimaera base units can be connected directly for quick, lag-free communication. 5.1 channel surround can be hard on battery life, but the Razer Chimaera still manages to squeeze out about eight hours through the included rechargeable AAA batteries. That isn’t as good as other headsets, but the charging stand makes it easy to recharge in between play sessions. They even got a 33ft. wireless range, so you can use them on your couch or wear them when grabbing something on the other side of the room without having to worry about them cutting out.

Getting the best headsets for gaming is indeed one of the best things you can do to put your gaming experience to another level. The crisp and detailed sound is very satisfying and depending on what kind of games you’ll play, it will  manifest it’s overall quality. Full surround is always fun to experience.

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