Bespoke Shirts Guide

A Bespoke shirt is a shirt that is made according to the buyer’s specifications. This therefore means that you as the buyer has absolute control over the fit and features, fabric weight, fabric used and the design of the shirt.

The Fabrics that are used to make bespoke shirts are usually categorized according to their price. Yarn that is of a higher quality with greater yarn count usually makes for more expensive fabric. However, if you are looking to get a bespoke shirt for the first time, it is advisable that you ask for fabric that is cheaper so that you may get the right fit first. In addition, you should also choose the color of the fabric wisely. For those who are looking to get the bespoke shirt for the first time, the color that would be advisable to try would be blue or white. This is because that these two colors are considered to be suitable for any occasion.

There are different types of collar styles for the bespoke shirts. They include button down, round, modified spread, pointed, stiff, high, curved point, and the wingtip. The type of collar is usually chosen according to one’s face shape. For instance, for a person with a round face, you are advised to get the pointed collars. The button down collar is a casual style that’s also classy. In addition it can be worn both with and without a tie. The lining used for this type of collar should not be too stiff. The modified spread can be worn for any occasion and it looks good with or without a tie. Moreover, the lining depends on one’s preference as it can be hard or soft. They are considered timeless since they don’t go out of style. The Curved point collar was more popular fifteen years ago Thanks to the NBA coach, Pat riley. Interestingly, it was also informally named after him. However, less people request to have it made these days. It should have a stiff lining and should be worn with a tie and suit. The wingtip collar is also called tuxedo collar were in the past traditionally for white tie only. However, lately, they are usually used for any attire that is formal. The wide spread collar was once mainly a European style. Recently however, the style has gone global. It is should be worn with a narrow tie.

The cuffs of the shirts also need to be considered. Some examples are the French cuffs and singe cuffs. Interestingly, one can also specify the amount of cuff one wants to be seen when wearing a suit.

You could also opt to have monogramming done. It can be placed just below the ribcage or on the cuff. In addition to that, you could also add a shirt pocket.

After choosing your preference of the designs, your measurements are then taken. In addition to that, the posture and body shape are also noted so as to ensure the perfect fit. A posture test may also be performed in order for the designer to determine the way in which the fabric falls across the body. After this, a paper pattern is made and the shirt will then be based on it. The stitching may be done using the single-needle French seams. It is interesting to note that so as to increase the durability and have a clean look there are twenty stitches on every inch.

Before you collect your bespoke shirt, you have the chance of returning for fittings so that any necessary adjustments can be made so as to get the perfect style and fit. In some cases, you can have your designer or tailor reflect on the changes and alterations on the pattern. This is so that the patterns can be used in future in case of another order to allow for convenience for both the designer and the client.

Every man should therefore invest in a bespoke shirt because if a shirt that doesn’t fit right is worn with your suit, the whole look will look wrong and also feel uncomfortable. It is therefore only after having the experience of a fitting in person that you will appreciate the amount of work that goes into making a bespoke shirt. Although they may be considered to be generally more expensive than other pieces of clothing, the bespoke shirts are definitely a worthy investment for your wardrobe since it will make you look classy and even boost your confidence.

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