5 tips to setting up a successful move across the country

Relocating isn’t exactly an ‘up and go’ thing. Relocation requires lots of preparation. You must start by notifying service providers about your forthcoming change of address. Key among service providers include; banks, insurance provider, and mail delivery.

To ease the pressure of relocating off your shoulders, we’ve compiled a few tips to setting up a successful move across the country.

1. Visit your soon-to-be area of residence

Get all the necessary information about your new location. It’s possible to conduct internet research about a locality; however, an actual visit puts you in good stead. Take a trip and get a real feel of how it feels to reside in your soon to be residence.

Draw up a list of things you wish to see or assess like; proximity of schools, hospitals, shopping malls, public transport and other vital utilities.

2. Seek assistance and prepare well in advance

Sort out your stuff by packing essentials first and lastly with non-essentials. Alternatively, organize for a sale or giveaway for things that you don’t need to lessen your load.

You may seek help during packing from neighbors, friends or family to lessen your workload and get a chance to bid them your final goodbyes. Appreciate their kind gesture by making or ordering for lunch.


Start packing a few days or weeks in advance as it ensures you start your move on the right note.

3. De-assembling your furniture

De-assembling your furniture makes it more portable and protects it from damage during the move. Unscrew your beds and other furniture that’s better of de-assembled. Seek the assistance of a if you encounter problems with unscrewing any of your furniture.

Use a high gauge adhesive to hold all the de-assembled parts and their nuts and screws to in one place. Scattered pieces and screws pose problems during assembling.

4. Label your packages

Labeling your boxes helps during the transfer of your valuables to and from the truck. Labeling also helps in determining how to handle various items. For instance, you wouldn’t drop a box labeled ‘plates’ as it would result in breakages unlike a package labeled ‘spoons.’

Also, labeling helps in placing items where they belong upon arrival. You don’t want to put your kitchen wares in the bedroom and vice versa.

5. Special package

We all have items that we hold dear, like a painting, flowers or plants that we can’t afford to leave behind or lose during moving. Prepare a special packaging for them to guarantee their safety and your peace of mind.

Key takeaway

Do not lay on yourself all the burdens of moving. Involve your neighbors and friends. From the packing and all the way to unpack on the other side can be an exhaustive affair. Every help you might get is essential. It will help you get settled quickly.