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5 Best Exercises to Try at Home

5 Best Exercises to Try at Home

There is no reason for anybody not exercising at home. The Internet is full of free workout videos, and the types of equipment needed to get started are minimal. It’s important to note some exercises are easier to do at home than others, but Jonathan Osler believes there is something for everyone. Osler suggests the following 5 exercises for anyone to try at home.

Back Extensions

Back extensions are a simple way for anybody to get their core moving, and he believes this is a good place to start. He suggests trying this exercise with legs on the ground. He also says that people can try it with elevated feet by putting their feet on the couch or ottoman. He recommends doing 4 sets of 10 repetitions every other day.

Wall Push-ups

He also says wall push-ups are accessible for most people because they can do them with their hands on the floor. Also, there is no requirement for flexibility, so they may be more accessible than the traditional push-up. To begin this exercise, he suggests people to put their back against a wall and then slide down until their elbows are bent at about 90 degrees. Alternatively, they can aim to get as low as possible but keep their knees on the ground throughout the movement. He says it’s important for people to take breaks where necessary for an effective workout.


According to Osler, this is an exercise for working on lower back mobility, hip mobility, and posture. If it’s difficult, there are many modifications available such as putting their knees down during this exercise or having something in front of them which they can use for help when needed. To begin this exercise, people need to lay stomach-down on the mat with hands placed underneath shoulders, then extend one leg out straight while simultaneously extending the opposite arm out in front of you towards your extended foot. When they’re comfortable with that position, they need to keep their legs and arms straight while simultaneously driving through their arms, so they move their belly off of the floor toward the extended leg.

Wall Squats

People need to face a wall and move their feet about 5 inches away from the wall; hips should be pushed back as far as possible against the wall while keeping their weight on their heels. He suggests people stay in this position for 2 seconds before pushing themselves off of the wall. While doing this, they need to keep their arms raised above their head without moving their upper body or arms.

Side Plank

In the side plank, Jonathan Osler suggests that people should have their elbow directly below or slightly above their shoulder and then put weight on that hand. He says the leg opposite of the arm touching the ground needs to be straight down from among head and shoulders with foot flexed, so it’s strong enough to support them throughout the exercise. If somebody has trouble balancing, they may drop their hips toward the floor at first until they can get stronger and more balanced.

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