4 Ways Your Military Status Could Help Your Family

While it might not seem like it to the outside world, being a service member in the military is no easy feat. Long separations from their families, frequent moves, strict and inconsistent training schedules, and stressful missions are just some of the few ways to describe the hard life of a service member. Unfortunately, the demanding career of a military service member affects not only him/her but the entire immediate family as they have to deal every day with the emotional torture of not knowing what lays ahead in the future of their loved one. Nevertheless, the excellent benefits that they enjoy make life much easier. If you are new to the military, here is how your status could help your family.

Access To Excellent Health Care Plans

As a service member, your military status benefits your family big time when it comes to healthcare. This is because your immediate loved ones usually get access to the incredible healthcare plans provided by the military such as Tricare prime, Tricare standard, and extra. With Tricare prime, whenever your loved one falls ill, they get free medical care at a military treatment facility, or they could pay a small amount at other health care facilities. As for Tricare standard, your immediate family members have the advantage of seeking treatment from a diverse selection of healthcare providers authorized by the military and they only pay a yearly deductible of 20%. On the other hand, Tricare extra gives them access to an even more extensive selection of healthcare providers which includes dental and eye care in which they only pay 15% of the total charges.

Great Education grants

Apart from access to quality healthcare, your military status also benefits your family massively when it comes to education. There are various family educational assistance programs and grants for military families who make it possible for your loved ones to get access to high-quality education without spending a fortune. For instance, if your spouse wishes to, they may pursue their degree without having to pay much as the military will offer them a grant of up to $4000 to facilitate their education.

Great discounts on goods and services

With the skyrocketing living standards, purchasing household items such as groceries can prove to be quite expensive. However, families of military members don’t have to worry about such costs as they usually boast access to the military’s commissaries and stores. Thanks to this, they can, therefore, purchase the much-needed household items at discounted prices which makes life even more comfortable for them. Additionally, they don’t have to pay hefty amounts to enjoy recreational activities as they have access to the base’s recreational facilities such as movie theaters and libraries, not forgetting the 30 days paid vacation that they enjoy each year.

Also as a way of thanking them for their service, most private organizations and businesses offer significant discounts to military families which make life even more comfortable and cheaper.

Housing allowance

When you are on active duty, your loved ones usually get to enjoy basic allowance for housing based on where you are stationed. This allowance often covers 97% of the total housing cost which makes things even more smooth sailing for you and your family members, especially when you consider the rising costs of housing in the real estate market.Even though there are many other benefits that your loved ones enjoy thanks to your military status, the above are enough proof that your service to the army is highly appreciated.

Using these great people as examples shows us how serving others really improves the world, and if you are ever interested in helping out, check out different places for Donation Pickup.