4 Tips to Prepare Your Retail Store for the Holiday Season

According to industry analysts, holiday season retail sales across the U.S. are expected to soar beyond the $1 trillion mark this year. While that’s great for practically every business industry nationwide, it’s especially wonderful for retailers. Of course, the flip side of that is when more money is spent, more shrinkage is also expected. Theft and inventory loss is just part of business for retailers, but it’s far more serious when your security is lacking. Fortunately, Korner Security in Detroit can get you back on track with the perfect security bundle for your needs. But you’ll need to consider the following tips to prepare your retail store for the holiday season.

Hire Seasonal Employees Early to Avoid Cutting Corners

Many employers put off hiring seasonal help until crunch time and then wonder why their well-run machine breaks down mid-season. The longer you wait to hire seasonal employees, the more corners you’ll likely cut trying to get the necessary positions filled. While most seasonal workers are honest people just looking to improve their station, cut corners such as rushing through or omitting background checks and lack of proper training can turn your store into a thief’s paradise. At the very least, last-minute rushing can promote extra shrinkage and reckless employee behavior.

Have Your Security System Assessed

Security cameras are a must for retailers, and that’s especially true around the holidays. But if your video surveillance is dated or your CCTV system isn’t hitting the necessary blind spots, your bottom line and the potential safety of your employees could be at risk. Lack of video storage or monitoring could be problematic as well with the extra business hours. After all, organized retail crime is costing retail owners almost $780,000 for every $1 billion in sales. Korner Security in Detroit can provide you with a full security assessment to ensure your needs are met for the holiday rush.

Prepare and Rearrange the Store

Preparing for the holidays can include a simple redesign or rearrangement of the store’s layout. Widen walkways to have more visual access to employees and reduce or eliminate blind spots. Add mirrors at corners or toward the back of the store so activity can be witnessed from any area. Increase the lighting in dim areas and strategically place employees in specific locations so all departments are covered. Your store will easily have a fresher and more helpful appearance while reducing the risks of seasonal crime.

Consider Hiring Uniformed Security Guards

Year-round security guards are an extra expense most stores avoid unless they’re large and/or have expensive items and inventory. But it’s another ballgame altogether around the holidays. Temporary or seasonal security guards are easy and affordable enough to add to the team for the holiday rush. They can be fully trained to handle a variety of needs ranging from clerical to crime deterring. Uniformed security guards can give that extra sense of stability and a sense of relief needed for employees on their late-night shifts, they can help customers to their cars, and they can keep order during the busiest rushes or most maddening sales. Give Korner Security in Detroit a call to help ensure your business is ready for the holidays.