4 Things That Make a House a Home

Your home is more than the building you live in. People can find joy in the tiniest of apartments but fail to find it in a mansion. The atmosphere of your home is more than its building, but there’s also more than one way to make that house feel like a home. If you want family, comfort, and warmth to be themes of your house-and-home, then consider these four tips for making it meaningful.

Customize It

Your home should be a reflection of both your lifestyle and your personality. You can find any old home and customize the decor as best you can, or you could consider having your home built to your exact specifications. You might go for an elaborate mansion, but a custom-built home doesn’t have to be lavish. You can build according to the lifestyle you want, and with that custom build, you can create an atmosphere that’s perfect for your family. Experienced new home builders can help you get your vision on its feet, making your home the perfect place for years to come.

Get a Pet

There are few things more homey than coming home to a frisky dog or a cuddly cat. When your pet comes to greet you at the door, then you know you’ve really come home. If you have room in your life for a pet, consider getting yorkies and investing in a long and enjoyable future. Pets provide warm cuddles when you’re sad, and a playmate when you’re lonely. Whether you live alone, with a partner, or with kids, a pet has a way of bringing everyone together.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and the photos in your home are a reflection of your family’s personality. Stay away from generic art or wall-sayings. When people walk in your home, it should feel unique. Your home should be identifiable as your own! You can hang unique art that enhances your personal style. You can also fill your home with photographs of your family. White walls send a message: nobody lives here! With photos of the family, it’s clear what smiling faces belong in your house.

Go for Comfort

That beautiful antique mansion you toured on vacation might be beautiful. But if it really came down to it, living in an elaborate historical home might make you feel like you lived in a museum. In the same way, a feet-off-the-couch, perfect white carpet kind of home is more of a “house” than it is a “home.” If it’s more about looks and less about people, then your house isn’t doing a good job of caring for the people in it. The perfect home comforts your whole family and helps them relax. Cleanliness is good, up to the point that it inspires peace of mind. If it stops fun, or makes anyone in the family feel uptight, then it’s past its purpose. To give your family the best love possible, make your home an easy place to relax in.