3 Tips For Remaining Mentally And Emotionally Strong During Divorce Proceedings

One of the most traumatic events that can take place in your life is the dissolution of a marriage. From being in a vulnerable state with another person to ending the relationship, especially if that relationship has been broken or betrayed in one way or another, can cause a lot of mental and emotional pain. 

But when you’re trying to untangle yourself from this situation, you need to try to be in as right of a state of mind as possible. So to help ensure that you’re ready for this, here are three tips for remaining mentally and emotionally strong during divorce proceedings. 

Tap Into Your Support System

Having support from people that love and care for you is going to be invaluable during this time. Even more so if you have kids that you’re dealing with custody battles with, you’ll need to have someone that you can talk to about what you’re going through and will be able to support you through this challenge.

If you know someone who’s been through a divorce themselves, you might want to reach out to them to see how they dealt with their divorce and what advice or guidance they may be able to offer you. Or, if you don’t personally know anyone that you feel comfortable talking with about your divorce, you could also look to join a support group for people currently going through the same situation as you are. 

Create A Habit Around Feeling Gratitude

When you’re dealing with a big life change such as a divorce, it can be hard to pull yourself out of the sad or depressed feelings that you’re forced to deal with on a daily basis. But to try to give yourself a break from this, you may want to try creating some habits around feelings of gratitude that you may have in the small moments. 

To do this, try to wake up each morning thinking about the things you’re grateful for. This might be your job, your family, your friends, your pets, and more. Then, as you go throughout your day, try to focus on those things that you love and are grateful for when you start to feel overwhelmed about the things that are currently going wrong in your life. 

Lower Your Expectations For Yourself

For people going through a traumatic experience like a divorce, you really can’t expect to just carry on like business as usual. There are going to be things that you just can’t get yourself to do ro care about during this time. And that’s totally fine. But what you might need to mentally do is give yourself permission to lower your expectations a bit. While this doesn’t mean to stop trying with everything, allowing yourself to give up on ideas of perfection for now can be extremely helpful. 

If you’re really struggling mentally and emotionally while going through a divorce, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you regain some of this balance.