Why Hospitality Matters

Chanoch Harow. Says to always be kind to visiting family and friends. When it comes to hosting guest, sometimes it can be a fun, other times tedious and the feeling can be weird. But, one must work hard to make sure that the guest-hosted in their apartment feel welcome and hospitable. These are some tips one can follow to make the whole hospitality experience more comfortable and easier for both the Airbnb client and the guest hosted.

1. Make greeting a norm when guests alive at the door

Immediately visitors alive at the door, one is supposed to make an effort and warmly greet them to make them feel welcome. It is awkward to let visitors travel to wander around ringing unanswered bells outside the door. Lingering outside the door for the first time guest creates lousy precedence for the first time visitors. Avoiding such situations will reduce the chances of visitors feeling strange or even forgotten.

Communication experts usually advise how one attends to their clients for the first time setting the tone for the rest of the engagement between the two. Ensure that eye contact gets maintained during the warm-up greetings. It acts as an assurance to the visitors that they are safe, and one is trustworthy.

2. Avoid telling visitors to take off their shoes

The truth of the matter is no one likes dirty floors; it’s even true that the one welcoming the guest is not wearing their shoes but don’t expect guests to remove their shoes. Unless the guest themselves offer to remove their shoes, it is awkward to have visitors remove their shoes, let the guest themselves appreciate the cleanliness of the place and the environment around and have the initiative come directly from them. The idea of having a spotless home should get shunned away as people tend to keep off such places. It is advisable to have some rules like where the guests put their belongings well known to them once they step into the house.

3. Offer refreshment and other preferences of their choice

One of the first kind of gesture that one can offer their Airbnb clients after a long travel and make them feel the hospitality offered to them is genuine in offering them some refreshment. Experts usually advise that the guest expected to stay for approximately ten minutes and above, its courteous to provide some drinks. One doesn’t have to complicate the entire process by going out of the way and getting the most expensive drink to entice visitors. A simple glass of water is simple enough when welcoming guests for the first time. In case there is coffee or any other beverage, that would be better depending on the guest’s taste and preference.

4. Avoid apologizing to your guest

Sometimes one can have their home in a mess when a guest pops in. It’s even normal to have one or two items misplaced. One may end up feeling that their home is not as per their expectation or it’s an embarrassment from their guest. Don’t go down the route and start apologizing to the guest. The whole idea of having a perfect home is, in its essence, displaced. Visitors usually feel uncomfortable when one keeps on apologizing, and this makes them feel as if they are intruding your privacy, according to Chanoch Harow.