What Do You need to Know About RapidBot, an Instagram Bot?

Many people are using Instagram nowadays as a way to post their selfies or just any photos to share with everyone. They want to many followers, get many likes and get good feedbacks or comments. But the main point of these people is to get a large number of followers. They will ask friends or just go straight to Google to ask for tips and tricks so they can get many followers that will lead to the good options and the bad options like spamming. What you may not know is that there is automation of Instagram, according to ingramer.

The Instagram Bots

Many people are using a bot, an automation tool, so that they can boost the numbers of their followers. But how this Instagram bot really works? This tool bot helps a user in performing actions liking, following and commenting on other accounts automatically. Performing these actions are done on a daily basis and these really take a big amount of time. Through the Instagram Bot, you just have to specify your hashtag and the target users and the bot will do the work for you.

The RapidBot

Rapidbot is a popular computer application that works similar to a normal person. It performs a task like sending other users thousands of like, comment, follows and even unfollows, that leads to attracting many users to your page. The actions are performed based on the parameters like hashtags that you have set. Many programmers are working on creating the bots because of the large demands. Anyone can create a bot which they can personalize which fits their needs, although you need to have advanced programming skills.

Understanding Bots More

Two decades ago, one of the first bots created that is still working this day is Google. Search engines really help us in finding and giving us the websites that contain the content that fits our interest. There are also the so-called chatbots. Chatbots is a program that is used to allow a conversation between a user which is a human and a specific software and device or the assistant of the website. Alexa of Amazon and Siri of Apple are the two examples of the Chatbots.


Instagram is really a well-known social media nowadays. It makes one happy that there are people who like their photos and follows them. New Instagram user means having a zero to one follower and many wants to have more. Everyone wants to be into the moment that they will seize everything, like ask someone to follow them, like their posts, or leave good comments on their page. Sounds like desperation to me but that’s how it really works. Many complain because of the time needed to consume just to post the caption and the hashtag. That is why an Instagram bot is created for your convenience. Remember that it will depend on you if you want to have these so-called bots or do all the work yourself.