What AI Advancements We Could Possibly See in the Next Five Years

AI (artificial intelligence) has come a long way in just a few short years, and it has proven one thing: the future is very bright for AI, with limitless possibilities. There are so many ways AI can be utilized in ways that will improve the quality of life for everyone involved. Many experts predict that the next five years will see some major advancements in technology, powered by artificial intelligence.

Here are several applications and uses that we may see in the coming years. Whether or not they come to life is yet to be seen, but they are very possible. See what some business owners see as right around the horizon for AI. If you want to learn more about artificial intelligence, then I would suggest you to take an artificial intelligence online course from intellipaat.


“Automation in its various forms seems to be the most likely application that will continue to accelerate. Self-driving cars have already hit the road and manufacturers would be wise to do everything possible to shield themselves from potential personal injury lawsuits.” — Joseph W. Belluck of Belluck & Fox, LLP

Increased healthcare solutions.

“I expect to see an increased focus on Healthcare Solutions. Taking the vast data patients or potential patients are generating through electronic devices using it to support physician consultations freeing up time and focus. And proactively identifying potential health conditions and risks.” — Shawn Freeman, Founder and CEO of TWT Group

Voice search overtaking traditional search.

“I see voice search completely overtaking traditional search, simply based on convenience. As smart phones advance, they are becoming just as powerful as desktops and laptops. They have the ability to perform any task and voice capabilities let you get answers without opening a browser.” — Christopher Dziak, CEO of Pure Nootropics

Advancements in personalization.

“More personalized experiences with everything. AI advancements will allow for far greater personalization — whether it be smart attendants, customized products or services that meet an individual’s needs, or other technology that allows for businesses to offer up a more tailored experience.” — Shawn Schulze of HomeArea.com

Transportation advancement.

“I think we will see transportation change dramatically in a 5 year period. There are already self-driving cars being tested by Uber and Tesla, and I think within 5 years it could be very widespread. I think modern day subways, taxis and trains will all be AI fueled and operate without humans.” — Tom Munroe, CEO of RugStudio

Facebook messenger bots.

“I think Facebook messenger bots are going to become even more intelligent than they are now. This will completely replace humans on the customer service side of Facebook, and the bots are going to not only answer questions, but also assist in the shopping experience, giving product recommendations.” — Ari Evans of AAA Handbags

How we receive information.

“I think the way we get our information will change the most. We are already seeing voice commands and voice search making a bigger impact and as AI advances there will become more ways to get the info we desire. I believe the traditional Google search will be replaced by easier ways.” — Andrew Tran, Founder of Therapy

Customer service

“Hopefully customer service. The current customer experience with way too many businesses are seriously slacking. This should be a win-win for everyone.  This should be a point of emphasis for those businesses wanting to take advantage of this technology.” — Marc Webb, Founder of Real PDL Help

E-commerce shopping will evolve.

“The way e-commerce shopping is done. I can see AI playing a big role in the advancement of shopping, from being able to see clothing on your before ordering through a virtual reality interface, to being able to order on your favorite website using just voice commands.” — Edward Doskey of Doskey Law, P.L.C.

Economic-based applications.

“First, I would like to say I am not an AI expert by any means, that being said I think the next big thing in AI will involve economics. I would think there will be a pretty big advancement in predicting things like the stock market and economic conditions worldwide with all the data available.” — Ben Walker, Founder of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC

Improved ad targeting.

“I think ad targeting is going to get even more advanced than it is now. We often hear people complaining about targeting, but as AI gets even smarter ads are going to be based on predictability and not just previously viewed pages. It’s going to be a whole new level of advertisement targeting.” — Jim Epton of Dom Huga Ltd

Language learning.

“I see the biggest near-term advancement in AI coming in the form of language learning. Specifically, I see tremendous potential in the advancement of virtual personal assistants, moving past email and into other forms of communication such as voice.“ — Sean Christman, Founder of Slamdot

More autonomous cars.

“While we likely won’t have mass-produced self-driving cars, I think we will see many safety features introduced that will save lives. We already have small things like breaking for collision avoidance and blind spot indicators, but I expect these to take a huge step forward.” — Matthew Kolb of All High Schools

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