Trending Decorative Uses of Flower Garlands in 2019

Flower garlands are back in the mainstream again for 2019. Whether fresh or dried, these colorful and aromatic decorations blend in well with almost any kind of decor and in almost every room — from living room to kitchen to bathroom. And nothing says “Welcome” better than a flower garland hanging on the front door.

Artificial silk flower garlands are readily available at almost any big box store. They’re inexpensive and will last almost indefinitely, as long as they don’t get wet. Or you can buy the silk flowers in individual bunches and weave them together yourself.

But making your own flower garland is a much more satisfying way to bring some life and color into your home.

A wire wreath or garland skeleton is available at any hobby store. Around it you can weave a variety of flowers into an individual and unique decoration. To dry your own flowers just place them on some parchment paper, spray with glycerin, and place directly on the oven rack at 200 degrees for ten minutes. Color and aroma will not be diminished.

If you want fresh flowers, first place them in a baggie with a cotton wad soaked in alcohol. Seal for an hour. This will kill any buggy stowaways.