Jobs with Flexible Working Hours

Jobs that have flexible working hours

Many people find it difficult to juggle work and personal life commitments. And, with today’s busy lifestyles, there is a growing need for jobs that offer more flexible hours. To help you out as you narrow down your career options and make the difficult decision of where to work next, here are some industries and careers which allow employees the opportunity to set their own hours.

Raphael Avraham Sternberg is a renowned entrepreneur who has established himself in the financial industry. He is a consultant for different companies and runs a blog advising entrepreneurs. One thing that has been on his radar lately is flexibility in the workplace and how to bring it into more jobs.

Sternberg goes over what you might need to do before applying for a job with limited or no office hours and some simple ways you can make your life easier as an entrepreneur trying to work around flexible schedules.

Real estate

The schedule can change depending on the needs of your employer or customer to cater to prospective buyers’ needs.


Many fashion entrepreneurs start their day at noon, with meetings scheduled throughout the day to take advantage of late-night inspiration or production limitations during the summer months.


What makes working in finance so appealing is the fact that you can combine long hours with a flexible schedule. If you like to plan ahead and work on your “to-do” list during the week, then this is your ideal job.


As one of the most rewarding career paths in today’s business world, media professionals can work at home most of the week while still making enough money to fund their lifestyles.

Start-up Entrepreneurship

It might not be glamorous, but if you’re prepared to move quickly and have a good eye for creative design or marketing ideas, start-up entrepreneurship could be your perfect job.

Mobile app development

If coding is your thing, there’s no better career than mobile app development. This requires a lot of time at your computer and on the phone, but with little travel required.

Business Entrepreneurship

This is one of the most rewarding career paths in today’s business world, and budding entrepreneurs can work at home most of the week while still making enough money to fund their lifestyles.

Trainer Starting

A career as a personal trainer might not be for everyone, but if you like working out at any time of the day (or night) and have plenty of energy to keep up with clients’ busy schedules, this could be your ideal job.

Entrepreneurs should consider whether or not they can devote themselves fully to the job at all times, even when it seems like there aren’t any customers or work is slow. According to Raphael Avraham Sternberg, self-employed people are more likely to feel more than just committed to their work but also fear that they might not be able to make it through the slow times.

That said, entrepreneurs with flexible schedules work fewer hours than their peers with normal shifts. Additionally, when given a chance to choose, more parents chose part-time jobs for more flexibility with their children than full-time jobs.

What People Enjoy About Working From Home

Technology has in recent times made it so easy to be able to work from home. Because of this, employees are able to take advantage of the cloud computer systems, steady internet connections, as well as smartphones, to be able to efficiently work at the comfort of their homes. The Covid-19 pandemic, even made it so easy for most companies to give their employees a directive to be able to work from home, in a bid to avoid congestion at the workplace. Because of this, working from home has become quite the trend in the work environment, with many employees now preferring it far much more than the in-office working arrangement. Father Rutler actually thinks that most people have come to love the idea of working from home, for a number of reasons. Discussed in depth below are some of these reasons:

1. Helps Greatly in Helping to Save Money

People who work from home tend to avoid making unnecessary expenditures. For instance, the employees that are working from home do not have to bear the costs of commuting to and from work on a daily basis. One can therefore make savings from the spared cost of commuting. Additionally, money that would have otherwise been spent on changing the wardrobe, for work; especially with regards to getting new clothes and shoes, will also be saved.

2.One is Able to Create Their Own Schedule

There is so much work that a person who is working from home is able to do efficiently, on a schedule that is totally flexible. This is actually one of the main reasons as to why Father Rutler feels that people have come to prefer working from home more. Whenever one is working from the office, they often have to generally work with the program and schedule that the company strictly offers. However, when working from home, any employee can draw a schedule that best fits them. So as long as the work is done at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what the schedule looks like.

3. Employees Tend to be More Independent and Fully Efficient

Working from home means that the employees will not exactly be having some other personnel that they often work with in the office set up. For example, one who is working from home will not have the privilege of the tech team at their beck and call. Because of this, the employees who are working from home may therefore have to develop some skills that might be of great help in helping them become more proactive, so that they are to look for help on their own when need be. Most of the time, they may make great use of google in a bid to learn these new skills.

With regards to efficiency, remotely working from home tends to make employees develop discipline to work extra hard, in a bid to meet the targets they have set by themselves. There is usually something about wanting to really fulfill the targets one sets for themselves. This way, these employees will end up being much more efficient in all that they do, while working from home.

Best Shoes to Wear While Working in a Hospital

Working in a hospital, it’s a demanding job with lengthy shifts. There can be many hazards, such as spills. Employees like Benjamin Cory Harow work shifts up to 12 hours on their feet. That is a long time to walk around and work; an employee who works 12 hours needs durable, comfortable, and supportive shoes, with slip resistance, especially in a hospital where you may have to rush to a medical emergency. Here is a list of some best option shoes to consider when buying shoes for a workplace like a hospital.

A good shoe model that would work well for someone working in a hospital is a pair of Hoka One One Arahi 4 Sneakers. These specifically produced shoes support feet with their uniquely molded footbed and prevent pronation of the feet. These will also be great for nurses and doctors who have inflammation in their feet. These shoes sell for about one hundred dollars. They come in many color options, as well as both male and female sizes.

Another good option for shoes to wear for a hospital employee would be a pair of Asics Gel-Challenger 12s. Many Nurses and doctors like Benjamin Cory Harow wear this special tennis footwear. These shoes have a foam footbed and two extra layers of foam in the heel that not only allows the foot to breathe but keep your feet stable and defended. These shoes sell from about one hundred to one hundred and thirty dollars, depending on the retailer. They come in both men’s and women’s sizes as well.

A third option that would be suitable is prince T22 Tennis shoes. These shoes are lightweight, breathable shoes. This footwear also has strong ankle support and has shock absorption properties. However, they can come in both men’s and women’s sizes but only in white and silver colors. They range in price from eighty to ninety dollars and are a slightly cheaper alternative to some of the other shoes on the list.

A more unisex-looking shoe would be the Dansko outdoor sneakers. These are trendy shoes among nurses and doctors. They are waterproof and slip-resistant, ensuring safety. Made of suede, they have a triple-density footbed and arch support and shock resistance. These shoes sell for about one hundred and forty-five dollars.

The most expensive shoe on the list, at one hundred and eight dollars, the Adidas Ultraboost 20 running shoe is a much more fashion-forward alternative. It is still supportive and designed for athletes who need a lot of support who are also on their feet for long periods. These come in numerous colors.

The last shoe on the list is a classic. Crocs classic clogs are designed for men and women; are inexpensive at about 45 dollars a pair. These shoes can be customized with charms and come in almost any color. Crocs are lightweight, slip-resistant, and very easy to clean. While they may not be the most fashionable, they are a favorite among medical workers for ease of convenience and comfortability.